What You Really Want More Than Trophies and Awards

By March 6, 2014News & Articles

“Thank you for this lovely blunt object that I will forevermore use as a weapon against self doubt.”  -Anne Hathaway during her acceptance speech for winning the Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress award for Les Miserables.

The Confidence I hang out with wears pale blue and sunny yellow with a pleasant smile. Every whipstitch I talk her into donning rich jewel tones, like royal purple or emerald green. It’s taking time, but she’s becoming more open minded to vibrant colors.

I assumed Anne Hathaway’s confidence would be swimming in flashy colors. After all, isn’t she already swimming in millions? But apparently, even  successful Hollywood actresses aren’t immune to the squawking voice of Self Doubt.

I’m certain Anne is exceedingly grateful for her Golden Globe award. It’s lovely to own a tangible reminder of your hard work being well received, especially in a subjective field like acting. But I believe what she’s really thankful for are the folks behind the statue, the people who placed their confidence in her abilities by voting for her in the first place.

A well deserved pat on the back bolsters our own confidence in God’s calling for our lives. Whether the shingle outside your door says doctor or actor or writer or mama, we all need an inner circle of people who believe in us and what we do. People who put an arm around us or squeeze our hand and whisper, “Girl, you got this.”

To walk confidently in our gifts is not to hide from self doubt, but to look it in the face and say I am not a slave to you. Doubt may be part of our human condition, but it’s also an opportunity to remain close to Jesus and touch His wounds. Tangible reminders of His confidence in us shine near and far. May we open our eyes to see those sharp weapons against self doubt in our paths, and as appropriate, may we serve as confidence building treasure to others.

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