Weekly Prayer Focus: Winter Olympics

By February 12, 2018Celebrity Prayer Focus

This week, our prayer focus is on the Winter Olympics and all the media coverage related to the games. We want to pray for all of the anchors, interviewers, crews, audiences, and athletes involved in the Olympics. The games will run through February 25th in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Television and media is the key to connecting these games with the rest of the world. Each country shows their own interests and biases by what games they choose to air, what people they take time to profile, and what messages their audiences receive from those choices. Please pray that the television networks all over the world will make wise choices about how to report on the games, and that the anchors will do so with respect for all the countries and teams.

Pray for safety for the athletes as they compete. Pray also for all the athletes who receive media attention – from television as well as online and from social media – and that they won’t be negatively affected by it. Ask God for wisdom as you watch the Olympics so that you know who to pray for and understand what’s really happening there through what you watch. Pray that the Christians who are at the games will have a spiritual impact on the people they spend time with there. We give thanks to God for the gifts and talents he has given the athletes, and pray that each one of them will know more of who God is and experience His love.


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