Weekly Prayer Focus: WGA Awards

By February 5, 2018Celebrity Prayer Focus

For this Weekly Prayer Focus, we are sticking with Awards Season. The 70th Annual Writers Guild of America Awards will be held on on Sunday, February 11th at concurrent ceremonies in Los Angeles and New York. The awards for Best Writer spans films, TV, documentaries, and more. Additionally, for the first time they will be giving out an award for Video Game Writing, showing the growing market and influence of video games. Click HERE for a list of all the nominees. 

HPN believes that the script is the most crucial element to any film or TV show. Writers are the foundation in the process of bringing a story to life. They create and influence setting, storyline and plot, mood and tone, themes, messages, characters and their qualities, and much more. Not only are they vital in any ongoing show, but their scripts represent the beginning of new ideas and therefore determine what media content the world will see in the future.

Please pray for the nominated writers, whether they win or lose, to know the Lord and His love and mercy – and as a result, get their ideas, their inspiration and their passion from Him. Pray that even if they do not know God yet, that He would be present in their work and that audiences would see His qualities in the writers’ stories. Pray that they will not tie their value and self-worth to their perceived success, and that God would give them perseverance when their scripts and story ideas are turned down. We give thanks to God for the creativity He has given writers and pray that they will receive His encouragement and love.

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