Weekly Prayer Focus: Oscar Winners

By March 5, 2018Celebrity Prayer Focus

This week, we are praying for the winners of the 90th Oscar awards. Click here for a list of the winners in each category. 

One reason we want to pray specifically for the winners is because of all the media coverage they will receive this week, both in news and social media. We pray that God will shield them from harsh words and negative criticism. We ask God to give them endurance and good rest during this time of interviews, media appearances, and increased attention from the public.

We also want to pray about how these Oscar wins will affect the artists’ level of influence in the future, both in the public eye and in the opportunities they are given. They all will likely influence the world of entertainment increasingly, partly because of the notoriety they receive from their Oscar wins. Please pray that if these artists receive any increased pressure in their careers because of these wins, that God would give them peace and rest and take away their stress.

One of our main prayers for all of this awards season has been that every single entertainment industry professional would know that their individual worth and value is not tied to their career and accomplishments, but to God’s love for them. We pray this for the Oscar winners, and that even when they receive creative recognition such as this, they would know their value is in God. We also pray that they would not rely on receiving awards in the future to feel validated as people, but that God would touch their hearts and show them that they don’t have to live up to the world’s expectations in their careers to be valued. Please pray that God would touch each of their hearts and show them His love and grace, which transcends their “successes” or “failures” in their careers.

Please also pray for Christians who won Oscars this week and were involved in award-winning films – such as HPN friends Glen Keane (Dear Basketball) and Doug Jones (Shape of Water), along with any others that we aren’t aware of! We pray that as they continue their work following awards season, they would be a light to everyone they encounter. Pray that they can be close to God every day, that they would receive encouragement from other believers to continue with faith in their mission field, and that God would be glorified by the work that they do.

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