Weekly Prayer Focus: Grammy Awards

By January 22, 2018Celebrity Prayer Focus

This week, we want to pray for the Grammy nominees, audience, and everyone involved in the 60th Grammy Awards on January 28th, 2018. The awards show will air at 4:40pm PST on CBS from their live show at Madison Square Gardens in New York City. The host is James Corden and there will be performances from major bands and artists all evening. They will honor the best songs, albums and scores of 2017.

There are dozens of nomination categories for the Grammy awards, so we suggest you choose one category and pray for all of the nominees in it. Click here to see the full list of nominees by category.

There will also be performances throughout the awards show, and we want to pray for all of the artists. Click here to see a list of performers announced so far.

This week and as you watch the Grammy Awards on Sunday, pray for all of the artists and musicians who are nominated. We give thanks to God for the creative gifts He has given them, whether they are a singer, instrumentalist, rapper, songwriter, producer, engineer, mixer, soloist, ensemble, composer, lyricist, arranger, art director, conductor, or anyone else involved in the process. We pray that God will make Himself known to these artists, and that they will know their creativity is a gift from Him. Pray that as the artists encounter God, their hearts would change – and as a result, their art would change to increasingly reflect God’s character. Pray also for the Christian and Gospel music nominees, that they would be encouraged to continue making creative and engaging music that helps people experience the Lord. We pray for the audiences who enjoy music by all of these artists daily, and that God would use this music – no matter the genre – to approach them and show them His goodness.

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