Weekly Prayer Focus: DGA Awards

By January 29, 2018Celebrity Prayer Focus

In this week’s Prayer Focus, we are praying for another upcoming awards show. The 70th Directors Guild of America Awards will be held on Sat., Feb. 3rd in Beverly Hills. The host of the event is Judd Apatow. They will celebrate the best directors in film and television and highlight the work that they do. Click here for a list of nominations.

Directors are incredibly influential in the creation of a film or show. They make the significant decisions about the artistic, dramatic, creative, and technical aspects of the project. They also often have a large public presence and are the representative for the film and its cast and crew. It is important that we pray for directors, their influence behind the scenes and as public figures, and for their creativity that is infused into the films and shows that the world consumes daily.

Pray for the DGA Awards this week – for the nominees, winners, and losers. Pray specifically for each director, as well as their directorial teams (which are also listed on the nominations page at the above link). We pray that each one of them would know the unconditional love of God and not base their worth on the perceived success of their work. We pray that God will use their influence both on and off the film set to show His compassion and selflessness to everyone they work with. Pray that as they begin to see more and more of who God is, their projects and creative choices would increasingly reflect God’s character.

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