Women’s Retreat: Free Spirit

Join creative women of all ages for music, comedy and freedom!! With Jeni Cook-Stivale, Christin Jezak, Karah Britton, Flo & Cortney Matz!

About this Event

Minister, artist, wife, sister, daughter, mother – the roles we play in life can sometimes feel confining. We learn to restrict our personalities and sometimes squelch our joy in the process of trying to meet others’ expectations.

But God doesn’t wants us to be burdened – He wants to be delightfully free!

Join us for a fun, insightful and freeing retreat and meet other fun women who love the Lord. Registration is just $10 – but if cost is an issue, register for free, and just come enjoy. We’re excited for what the Lord wants to do!

We’ll meet through Zoom, so we can meet each other and pray for one another as we journey through a ministry experience designed to celebrate our uniqueness.