The Life Wheel

An Influence Women Webinar with Life Coaches Tamara Khalaf and Kathy Hollimon
How satisfied are you with your life? As women, we often underestimate the importance of joy
and satisfaction in our lives while deprioritizing our own well-being. Do you know how to gain
momentum toward greater levels of fulfillment? Join us for an online Influence Women’s
Webinar on February 23 rd with Life Coaches Tamara Khalaf and Kathy Hollimon. Using a tool
called the Life Wheel, you’ll find out how to thrive with healthy and intentional living in your
personal life and career.

This is a working online webinar! We will use the Life Wheel as a guide to explore a variety of
central life areas to gather information, obtain a full picture of your life and discover areas for
further focus. You will engage with thoughtful questions to help you gain insight and motivation
to create next steps for your life.
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February 23, 2023
5:30 – 6:30 p.m. PST
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