SPOTLIGHT WORKSHOPS: Making your Mark as a Voiceover Actor

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Making Your Mark as a Voiceover Actor

WHEN: Saturday, September 11 • 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (PST)
WHERE: A Zoom Conference Workshop
COST: Non-member: $45 • Member*: $35
INSTRUCTOR: Kathy Grable (voice double as “Florence Henderson” in the Snickers’ Super Bowl commercial Brady Bunch spoof and Nicole Kidman’s voice-double in the hit film Batman Forever).

Find your own voice – and take your voiceover acting career to new levels!

Ready to start standing out as a voiceover talent? This workshop is designed for actors to get a handle on all the ins and outs of the voiceover acting world. You’ll learn all the elements and terminology of the voiceover industry, the most effective ways to break down a voiceover script, and how to develop your talent to make yourself stand out from the crowd. You’ll learn how to find potential voiceover jobs and how to do the killer audition that will help you book the gig! We’ll also give you the information on all the resources and technology you will need as a professional voiceover actor. Whether you are an experienced voiceover talent or just getting started as a voiceover actor, this workshop will help you take your career to the next level! 

Kathy Grable, our instructor, will bring her firsthand experience from working with hundreds of students and clients herself, specializing in bringing out the best ‘you,’ you have to offer.

Who should attend: Actors, voiceover artists and anyone interested in producing a great voiceover demo.

What you should bring: Note-taking tools – and your voice.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll know:

  • All the elements of the voiceover acting world and the terminology unique to the voiceover industry;
  • How to break down a voiceover script; 
  • The resources and technology you will need to participate in this specialty of the acting world; and
  • How to do a killer audition to book the role.

Instructor: Kathy Grable is known in the Hollywood voice-over market as a prototype with her warmth and sincerity, reminding listeners of a close friend. She’s voiced commercials such as Busch Gardens, Honda, Coke, Burger King, the Baskin-Robbins “Talking Spoon,” and was the voice double for “Florence Henderson” in the Snickers’ Brady Bunch spoof used in the Super Bowl commercial with Danny Trejo. She was also Nicole Kidman’s voice-double in the hit film Batman Forever. On-camera, Kathy has been seen in Mike & MollyHarry’s Law, and reoccurring roles for Last Man Standing and The Wedding Band. She has performed in several short films such as The Christmas Pause and the web-series VOed. When not acting, directing or coaching voice, Kathy co-owns a digital content company that distributes scripted podcasts, books, comics, audio dramas and her own unscripted podcast, “In My Voice.”  

There is a limited number of spaces available, and they’re sure to be snatched up quickly, so register today! This workshop will be held via Zoom conference. Make sure you have downloaded the free app at After you register for the workshop, The Greenhouse will send the Zoom conference link to the email address you provide us approximately 24 hours before the event starts. If you have any questions about this workshop, email us at


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