Learn Effective Social Media to Propel Your Career-An Influence Women Event

Learn Effective Social Media to Propel Your Career – It’s a Game Changer

Leveraging social media effectively can be a game-changer for both businesses and individuals looking to enhance their professional presence. With its ever-evolving nature, staying ahead of the curve and understanding the mechanics behind what works and why is essential. Shae Callaway’s expertise offers a valuable opportunity to grasp these nuances and gain insights into maximizing the potential of social media platforms. Whether it’s refining content strategies, navigating algorithm changes, or understanding audience engagement, Shae can provide invaluable guidance to help participants unlock the full potential of social media for their goals. Join Influence Women Hollywood Chapter Director DeAnna Kane and Social Media Expert Shae Callaway in this one-time webinar to get the information you need!    June 13th. 5-7 PM  Register Here!