Influence Women Webinar – Fabulous and Fit

Influence Women Webinar – Fabulous and Fit

Are you feeling tired and overweight from eating way too many holiday treats? Perhaps you are overwhelmed thinking about trying (once again) to lose weight and eat healthier permanently. Why even try since you’ve failed in the past!

We’re here to encourage you to NOT give up because THIS YEAR can be totally different. Join us on January 23rd for…

Fabulous and Fit: Influence Women’s Health and Wellness Webinar.

Learn how and why women of all ages are losing weight and feeling great using the proven methods from two fantastic veteran coaches and experts, Danna Demetre, and Robyn Thomson. Based on their book, EAT LIVE THRIVE DIET, they will teach you effective strategies to lose weight, change your habits permanently, and customize a healthy and enjoyable eating plan that is sustainable.

You’ll also learn about their upcoming mentoring classes which include weekly live coaching where you can join like-minded women who can help hold you accountable and stay on track during all the seasons this year.

Start this year right! Register NOW!

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