IMAGO DEI – Monthly Hollywood Worship Nights

Imago Dei


Welcome to the new worship nights for the entertainment industry and the local LA community. In intimate settings all over the Hollywood/ Los Angles area, we provide a space for freedom in worship, prayer for those who want it, discussion, breaking bread, and of course, community building!

Imago Dei is a monthly worship night for believers and non-believers in the Greater LA area. The 3-hour event is centered on connecting Christians with each other, and connecting us all to God. The night will consist of worship, prayer, a Q&A with an industry professional, and opportunities to connect.

As we are an outdoor event, we will not be requiring masks. Street parking is available and snacks will be provided!

For more details, email us at or follow us on Instagram at @ImagoDeiLA

Join us for these growing worship nights where we desire to see the presence of the Lord transform us as a community, and where relationship with Jesus and each other is the key to experiencing God together.