I Am The Industry – Godly Perspective on Equity, Diversity, and Representation in the Industry

I Am The Industry


Join HOLLYWOOD PRAYER NETWORK, TOGETHER LA, and special guest, equity consultant to the business, education and entertainment worlds- Myesha L. Reynolds of EQUITY LENS CONSULTANTS, as we explore Equity in the Film and Media Industry from a Biblical Perspective; For we ALL know that True Equity is rooted in Godly principles and intended for ALL people.

The underrepresentation or misrepresentation of certain people groups have left many talented creatives longing to truly find a place in the industry. The industry should be home to all who want to use their remarkable God-Given gifts to impact the world for the glory of the Lord. Unfortunately, many haven’t even been able to approach the doors that swing wide open for others, or have had to compromise for the doors that do open, because of the inequities that currently exist. However, for anyone in the Kingdom of God, we know that the Lord does not author inequities, and sees all of us with incredible value! In the workshop, “I am the Industry,” we will talk about the need for true equity in the entertainment industry and how we can work together to implement equitable practices-  so that all who desire can proudly proclaim, “I AM the Industry!”

This event will focus on equipping ALL of us to be vessels for change, and we invite you to join us! As the world is talking about Equity, we don’t approach this topic from a secular viewpoint, but a righteous one.