How To Finance Your Next Independent Film – Greenhouse Arts & Media Zoom Conference

It’s time to make your next indie film. Let’s do this…

This is the workshop you have been looking for to answer all your questions regarding the full financing of your film. At this workshop held as a Zoom conference, you will receive practical, in-depth information, efficiently written and presented. They will include Anne Marie Gillen’s powerful PowerPoint presentation, documents, and interactive Q&A.

Anne Marie will start with a concise overview of The Seven Major Principles and Practices Common Among the Film Industry’s Most Successful Producers and how you can immediately implement these practices. There is a small core of powerful independent production companies that know how to achieve their ultimate creative goals, locate their target audiences, and turn a profit on every picture they produce. They all apply these Seven Major Principles and Practices.

The key to the workshop will be exploring and understanding Sources of Film Financing Worldwide. Equity is King – and finding and closing it is the key component to funding every film. In this workshop, Anne Marie will cover everything from equity to crowdfunding; presales to tax credits/rebates, co-production companies with financing to goods & services deals.

Who should attend: Producers, directors, and filmmakers of all types.

Early registration (by August 6th): $40 / Regular registration: $45
Early registration for members: $30 / Regular registration for members: $35
To sign up, follow this link.