How to Do Excellent Script Coverage

Everything you need to know about how to do efficient and effective script coverage!

Writing script coverage is a useful skill for anyone entering the entertainment industry. Many jobs require coverage samples as part of the application process. And whether you are an intern or assistant at a production company, agency, or management company, there’s a good chance you’ll be expected to write script coverage. Aspiring writers, too, often cover scripts for a living while they hone their craft. And even if you never write coverage professionally, understanding the criteria on which a screenplay will likely be judged will help your own writing.

By the end of this class, you’ll know:

  • What coverage is, who uses it, and who writes it;
  • The parts of coverage reports & what the grid and pass, consider, and recommend ratings mean;
  • What you must know about the craft and business before writing coverage; and
  • The best practices for writing coverage effectively and efficiently.

Instructor: Christopher Lockhart is a Hollywood story executive, filmmaker, and teacher with over thirty-years of industry experience. More information about Christopher can be found at