DSM Arts & Industry Bible Study

Arts and Industry Bible Study

Sunday from 5:00-7:00 PM

We meet in the Middle Terrace of First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood

1760 N. Gower, Hollywood CA 90028


DSM Arts & Industry Bible Study is a weekly bible study ministering to those with a passion to see Christ and His Kingdom revealed in the Media, Arts and Entertainment Industries. This bible study is designed to encourage, strengthen, and buildup those who are serving in the entertainment and beyond. This is prophetic bible study, and we are passionate to see all people receive God’s word for their lives.

What is DSM Arts & Industry Bible Study? This is community. This is living out our lives in the fullness of Christ Jesus and His Holy Spirit. This is serving, building relationship, and changing lives. This is studying the infallible word, praying impossible prayers, and believing with the Faith of God for revival and cultural transformation.

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