HPN Contemplative Prayer Hike with Brian Chan

contemplative prayer hike
WHAT: Contemplative Prayer Hike
WHEN: Friday Morning July 8th at 7:00 AM
WHERE: Millard Canyon Falls Trailhead
DESCRIPTION: Embark on a contemplative prayer hike, wandering in nature on the Millard Falls Trail to commune with God. You’ll get a prayer guide with Scripture, classic writings, and reflective prompts to help direct your contemplative journey. We’ll take stopping spots to reflect and write your thoughts to God. You’ll also get an HPN backpack with snacks and a pen for the adventure.  All the while, we’ll be in good fellowship with like-minded creatives!

TIME FRAME: about 2 hours
OTHER NOTES: We are providing little packs for hikers with water bottle, snack bars, and packet that Brian creates for each person joining

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