Coffee And Zoom Creative Community

Some people may see creativity as an individual trait – something we do on our own – but actually, creativity depends on a community of likeminded people. Your best ideas might come when you’re alone in the shower, but studies have shown that effective creativity requires a strong and growing group of people who share ways of thinking and acting – who learn from each other and imitate each other’s actions.

The response to our Coffee & Zoom creative community events have been so great, we’re expanding, improving, and doing it again! This free event will be a casual virtual event. Bring your favorite coffee drink and connect with other creatives from all over the place!

No matter what area of the arts & entertainment you are in, during this coffee time together, you’ll get introduced to other creatives in the arts & entertainment industry, share what you’ve been up to and working on, and even get ideas and tips from everyone else on moving your projects forward! And this is a great way to connect with other creative pros with whom you can collaborate.

This event is for creative professionals only. If that’s you, register today – and feel free to share this event with fellow creatives professionals. Virtual space is limited, so sign up early! We’ll send a Zoom link to you approximately 24 hours before the event starts!