Biblical Equity Symposium – “What Does God Say About Equity?”

Equity Symposium

Myesha Reynolds, an HPN Member and founder of Equity Lens Consultants, invites you to a 1-Day Symposium tackling a trigger topic for many- Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion – but from a Biblical Perspective. Myesha tears down agenda-driven narratives, unmasking misinformation with the truth of the Gospel, and sheds light on what the word equity was intended to mean, as seen through the heart of Jesus. You’ll be equipped to be able to enter conversations around this topic with wisdom, grace, and “peaceable knowledge from above”, knowing that ALL people are to be treated right and fair.


Myesha, along with guest presenters and panelists will discuss Equity from a Biblical perspective!

This one-day event is for anyone wanting to gain an accurate understanding of Equity, those committed to fair and right treatment of all people, and anyone desiring to confront the misconceptions about diversity, equity, and inclusion in a safe and loving space.

We know that conversing about this topic from a biblical perspective takes courage because the narrative that is constantly presented is extremely flawed. It is our prayer that all participants leave this symposium equipped to talk about Equity in a way that reflects God’s heart for all of humanity.

This symposium will include a keynote speaker, panelists, engaging group discussions, a workbook, coffee, tea, light snacks, lunch, and more!