Writing Retreat

Join us for two days of writing, retreating, eating and a bit of reading in Fortson, Georgia! This writing retreat is an escape with purpose

About this event

We’ll gather to recharge our creative batteries, meet some new writer friends, and luxuriate in our story worlds.

Basic schedule:

Friday morning 9am: writing retreat welcome

coffee & tea, check in

10am official start with goal setting and a writing sprint

Lunch together (provided)

Break into groups: poets, novelists, screenwriters, etc.

Afternoon free writing and brainstorming

Dinner on site (provided) and goal check

Optional movie night to recharge our creative batteries


Saturday morning 9am: coffee & tea, check in

Free writing

Lunch together (provided)

Free writing and brainstorming

Optional afternoon excursion

Dinner on site (provided) + reflections

8pm reading and celebrating goals

Setting intentions for going home



Rolling registration:

Earliest of Birds – $75 thru October 31

Still Pretty Early Birds – $105 thru November 30

All Birds Are Welcome – $125 through January 10


For out-of-town travelers, recommendations for where to stay and how to get around are coming soon. Any questions in the meantime, feel free to ask! Email cortney at epiphany space dot com (no u in cortney)


Purchase your tickets in link below: