40|50 Project

The 40|50 Project (40 Days, 50 States) is a movement of fasting, prayer and action to heal America’s racial divide. We’re asking diverse visionary leaders and all of God’s family across our nation and beyond to fast, pray and act over a 40-day period: August 1 – Sept 9, 2020, with preparation, prayer and getting the word out starting this month of July.

The 40|50 Project is the answer we received while praying and crying out to God about the racism so embedded in our nation’s DNA that those feeling empowered could carelessly take the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the long list of young African American men and women murdered recently. As I prayed, I was reminded of Matthew 17:21, that some things only change through fasting and prayer. There are some strongholds so deep that only the power of fasting added to our prayers can break them up.