Switzerland, Zurich – Sarah Fässler

The Swiss Chapter was founded in November 2015 and is located in the canton of Zurich. We really enjoy and value our international community and the relationships this network has brought to us over the years. Through these relationships, our focus of praying for Hollywood has expanded to praying for the global industry and the people involved.

In regard to Switzerland, we pray for the impact of art and its expression of worship to be a welcomed friend in the church. We have a heart for praying for creatives and industry professionals living in the area, for community to grow and Jesus to be praised.

As for our prayer sessions we found the daily devotional book  “Hollywood, Jesus and You” by Karen Covell and Kimberly Roberts to be a good companion.

We don’t meet in person, but you are welcome to contact us for questions and prayer requests. If you are an intercessor yourself, please join!

Und ja, mir chönd au schwiizerdütsch.