Sweden, Lidköping – Andreas & Frida Edström

Frida and Andreas Edstrom are married business partners. They were born and raised in Sweden and currently parents to four amazing kids. Andreas is a musician who early found his calling in ministering one-on-one backstage in the music industry. Frida has had a heart for Hollywood since she was 7 years old. Not knowing then that God would use her intercessory heart for specific people in the industry in her adult life. For years, God has put His burdened heart in theirs, enabling them to pray boldly for individuals in the industry. In 2019 Frida received a vision from the Lord; Looking down from Griffith Observatory, she saw the streets of Hollywood and something looking like the Northern Lights being poured out and spreading thru Hollywood. When she woke up from the vision, she instantly knew it was the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This added to the belief that great revival is about to hit Hollywood, affecting the whole world.