Florida, St. Augustine – Megan McCloud

By January 21, 2021April 6th, 2022Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

As an ordained minister and evangelical singer/songwriter, Megan actively speaks and performs her music throughout the community. She has led praise and worship at churches, choreographed and directed children’s musicals, and presented for non-profit organizations. Also an industry professional, Megan has worked on several film and television projects and has interned at local businesses in radio and film.

Her goal is to impact our culture for Christ through prayer, supporting the arts, and learning about the industry of Hollywood. The monthly HPN Kids and Teen Prayer Calendars help to give her a clear direction of who to pray for each month. They are currently (updated: April 2022) meeting virtually once a month to pray for Hollywood and do a devotional from Karen Covell’s book, “Hollywood, Jesus, and You”.

Megan shares a unique event in her chapter: creating a short film in one day. “We completed the filming in a day,” Megan says. “It was an original script and it really showed the group how much work goes into making a production. It gave us a new perspective of Hollywood and the memories we made were priceless.”

You can view some of Megan’s work here.