California, Sacramento – Rev. Rosemary Curto

By January 27, 2021October 29th, 2021Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Rev. Rosemary Curto is a self-proclaimed “born-again zealot” who survived terminal inoperable pancreatic cancer by the grace of God, experiencing an angelic visitation and the healing power of Doctor Jesus of Nazareth. (She has been in remission for the past 14 years.) HPN is proud to have a hip 81-year-old representing HPN as a seasoned LCD. She also represents Western Evangelical Association as their representative in Northern California. She is a very serious front line warrior intercessor in the battle between good and evil. Rosemary is also an international speaker, a blog writer and author under the pen-name Rosaday Ryan (check out The Forecast: The Broom of Destruction on Amazon).

Her chapter is always seeking new prayer warriors for Hollywood. Rosemary also sends out email bulletins every month to her contacts and her fellow chapter directors (via HPN’s chapter director update emails). Her chapter’s goal is to save souls through fervent prayers and to impact the “Heart of Hollywood” by praying that love, and not the influence of the Enemy, would reign.