Resources for Thriving in LA


Pacific Crossroads Church Classifieds — Housing forum for Christians
Alpaca: LA Housing Facebook Group
Aviato Club Los Angeles
Bel Air Church Classifieds
Hollywood Connect’s Housing Resources
Mosaic Student Communities
Email Chris to ask about current housing options through LAFSC alumni.
HERE to download a list of more short term and long term options.

Entertainment Temp Agencies

Executive Temps
Friedman Agency
Robert Half
Staff Me Up

Honing Your Craft – Events and professional resources for entertainment industry creatives – A screenwriting course that helps you write a screenplay in 30 days – Resources for filming TV and Film auditions
Self-Management for Actors (book) – Great resource for actors looking to break in or enhance their business.
Also check out our list of Entertainment Ministries and our Book List

Beauty and Art

Bridge Projects – Bridge Projects’ ongoing series Echo/Locate places both ourselves and the artist in an ongoing historic, philosophical, spiritual, and art-historical conversation.
Image Journal – a magazine that discusses the vitality and diversity of contemporary art and literature that engage with the religious traditions of western culture.
The Visual Commentary on Scripture – The Visual Commentary on Scripture (VCS) is a freely accessible online publication that provides theological commentary on the Bible in dialogue with works of art. – an exhibition that explores 24 images on the life and parables of Jesus that speak to who we are as human beings.
The Windrider Forum – The Windrider Forum, is founded on the belief that stories are truly the “storehouses” of culture. Visual media, our culture’s principal form of storytelling, is the most critical, value-defining medium of our age.
Also check out our list of Entertainment Ministries and our Book List