Prayers For Film Project

By June 28, 2017Prayer Requests
  • We’re refining the overall edit of the film now so that we can lock picture and send it out for music scoring. Please pray that all the loose bits tighten up and fall together smoothly. And that the color correcting would go smoothly.
  • Please pray for scene 11 (where the prodigal son is out of money and pawns off a family heirloom ring in exchange to sleep in a shed from a cantankerous old Russian woman) and scene 17 (the tea stall where the father hears that his son may be returning from Russia) – we just received translation of these scenes so we can complete cutting them together.
  • Please pray for our son Josh who is scoring the cinematic music for portions of the film. We just sent him the “coming home” section.
  • Please pray for Matt and Jeff as they find someone in Central Asia to score the cultural music for the rest of the film. The goal is to premiere the film during EMDC this April.
  • We’re juggling this project between a God-Story documentary from Romania for GEM that needs to be completed by the end of January. Pray that we can work fast. : )
  • -James

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