Prayer for Actors and Actresses

By October 17, 2017Prayer Requests


I lift up whatever actor or actress is reading this right now. Father, we ask that instead of experiencing the counterfeit love that the enemy offers in Hollywood in the form of “fans,” they would feel real love from you God.
Father, you love this person unconditionally, before they ever made their first movie, tv show, commercial, before they were ever known to the public.
Father, I am asking for you to not only reveal your love to them in a deeper way, but provide for them a “safe zone” not only spiritually, but in their physical, geographical comings and goings. A “safe zone” where they can be themselves, and be in the company of those who love them, no “fans” just genuine love for who they are, where the “performance” and “personas” can come off.
Father, we ask also that you will bless them in their leisure time with true refreshment, and you will blind the eyes of the “fans” so they can peacefully go about their business when they go shopping or do their daily tasks.
Father, I pray right now in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, PROTECTION over the person reading this. Any attempts from any evil entity to bring this person down, cause them any distress physically, emotionally, and mentally to be CANCELLED in Jesus mighty name.
We ask Father, for restoration from any gossip and/or slander that has caused this person distress. Father, we ask that the public and the news reporters begin to LOSE interest in the personal lives of celebrities.
I ask right now God, for you to send this person a true friend. I pray that you will be their true friend first and foremost, for all good things come from you. I ask Father, that you show this person that you are indeed a loving and good God, and remove any stronghold the enemy has set up that has caused them to believe otherwise.
I pray against all mental torment in Jesus name. You are a LOVED child of God and you are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made (Psalms 137).
Father, I ask that while this person anchors themselves in you, that you bring a true friend or friends to this person. Father, we ask that you will raise up a group of other believers that can truly understand the complexities of their profession, to surround them with prayer and affirmation.
We ask Father, for them to stay close to you and listen to your still small voice. We ask Father, that you will open up projects for them to step into that will be pleasing to you. If it is NOT in your will for them to act, I pray for you to lovingly and peacefully guide them into where you want them.
Father, I ask for all these things in Jesus name, Amen.

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