Pray for Film Funding!

By June 28, 2017Prayer Requests

My name is DeAndre Williams and I am producing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area a film entitled, Good Christians which is a parody of the 2004 film Mean Girls and we are currently in the process of funding. With this film, I believe the Lord wants to reach those who have never opened a Bible, never heard the name of Jesus or even stepped inside of a church and present the Gospel to them in a way that’s understandable, accessible and easy for them to comprehend, wherever they are in the spiritual journey, and I also believe He wants to reach those who are already walking with Him and awaken them to the reality of what He all look like as a whole, a bunch of mean girls, tearing each other down, comparing ourselves to one another, worshiping men and women of God and powerful and influential ministries instead of making Jesus the focal point that He deserves to be. I believe that many with come to know Jesus through this film and come into the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ as He truly is. God bless!

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