Philippines, Quezon City/Manila/Cavite – Meldean Llanes

Meldean Pace Llanes is currently the Director of Nationstrategy Philippines. Mel is also the Lead Pastor at the C3 Cavite Church, Philippines. Mel is director of National Transformation and Revival Ministries (NTRM). He works on building character in Philippines Police with the Integrated Transformation Program of the Philippine National Police (ITP-PNP). He is involved with the Hollywood Prayer Network for Media/Entertainment transformation.

Meldean is an alumni of the Haggai Advance Leadership Training Institute in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mel and his wife Loida have three children and live in Cavite, Manila, Philippines. Mel’s passion is helping pastors grow a church for their community. He is an inspirational speaker and coach. He believes and lives national and community transformation. He speaks all over Manila using Ed Delph’s book, Church@Community, to equip pastors, leaders and church people to find a need and meet it in their local community. This class is certified with Nationstrategy.