Mexico, Nuevo León, Guadalupe – Ana Escalante

We’re thrilled to finally launch an HPN Mexico chapter! Ana Escalante grew up acting quite a bit in her hometown Monterrey, but stopped altogether when she began college to focus on her business degree. She had a promising career in marketing and brand management working for a huge FMCG company until the end of 2022 when she felt God calling her to return to her love of acting and film. She recently spent 3 months in LA and is set to begin her MFA in acting in CalArts in the fall of 2023. She is very excited about what God will do in this new season of life and through her in the industry.
As a firm believer with strong involvement in her local church in the kids, worship and small group ministries, she is convinced that God has called us to use our talents for His glory, to shine His light wherever we are at, and to love people (Romans 11:36, Colossians 3:17, Matthew 5:16, John 13:34).
Her chapter’s goal is to serve as a local contact and to bring anyone with a passion for the industry together in prayer so that we may be the hands and feet of Jesus in everything we do and wherever we may be (Mexico, Hollywood or the ends of the earth).