Measure For Measure

By March 11, 2023March 14th, 2023Past Events

On Saturday, March 11th, Measure For  Measure held its first event of the year!

Hosted by Alex Hitchens and Jim Covell, Approximately 30 people participated in a time of  discussing faith and creating revenue streams for their careers.  They also took time to  encourage one another.  It  was also great to have many new participants!

Flo Oramasionwu and Merritt Huff spoke about their paths of creativity and innovation along with the launching  of “One song” on March 22nd  Andreas Soto shared about  working in the concert field as well as scoring for films and television.  Alex talked about finding his mission field and working in the rooms of Los Angeles with influential producers.  Vini Barbosa spoke about being available for any kind of task which led him to an Emmy nomination.

This Summer there will be a screening of Amadeus in the backyard of Jim and Karen Covell.

We hope you can join us for the next  Measure For Measure on June 3, 2023!