Spain, Madrid – Hector and Lilli Ramirez

By November 19, 2020October 29th, 2021Global Local Chapter Directors

Hector Ramirez is artistic director and founder of the Performing Arts Centre in Madrid, Spain he and his wife Lilli are founders of the Ars Vitalis Foundation. Hector has been an actor, theatre director and producer, and writer of the musical, Animal Talk. Some of the shows he has produced and directed are Othello, The Great Theatre of the World, EL Cántico Espiritual, an adaptation of Cats, el Culebron, and more. He has worked as floor manager for TV shows in Canada and in Italy.
The chapter encourages God’s gift of creativity in the lives of others, by engaging the non-Christians in conversation on the relevant issues of life in providing a platform for discussion in a postmodern, post-Christian society, through the arts and culture. Prayer, interaction, teaching and information are necessary tools to open the way for meaningful conversations on the relevance of the gospel.