LEGACY: An Evening of Story and Prayer

By May 11, 2018 June 26th, 2018 Past Events

On May 3rd, 2018, over 450 Christian entertainment professionals gathered on a CBS television sound stage for LEGACY: An Evening of Story and Prayer. LEGACY was an opportunity to hear stories of God’s work from seven diverse speakers in our own community and to encourage guests by what God has done and is doing in our industry. It was also a time of prayer alongside hundreds of Christians in media, asking God to strengthen the growing faith community in Hollywood, build more bridges and relationships between the church as a whole and Christians in entertainment, and to heal issues that are faced by all in our unique community.

This event on the National Day of Prayer was incredibly powerful and encouraging, and for many was a revelation of the size and strength of the community of believers in Hollywood. See below for photos, testimonials from speakers and guests, and a video recap of the evening.

Thank you so much for a great evening! I wanted you to know just how much my wife and I were fed by the speakers and this amazing event, at times feeling like we were being addressed personally! It’s wonderful and unexpected to feel such a part of the community.


I was so touched last year and this year to know true believers who are carrying their crosses are in Hollywood! Success and fame may rule many in Hollywood but not the ones who share at your events.


I really enjoyed all of the speakers and definitely felt touched by their stories. I was starting to feel isolated and alone as an actor in Los Angeles and thinking of quitting but I NEEDED to hear this message that I am not alone.


I remember National Day of Prayer from high school when we would all gather around the flagpole and pray, but I never thought about it being something that reached Hollywood. The event was so profound and the speakers were amazing. Being there on Thursday refilled my soul with hope and optimism and reminded me that God has brought me this far, He will not leave me.


It was a true reflection on what Heaven should really look like. Our stories/testimonies are the most powerful things that we can share with other. All of the speakers truly proved that so true last night. We were blessed to be able to received all that was offered.


Thank you Mastermedia and HPN for your continued faithfulness, grace, and commitment to the transformation and impact of Hollywood.. you all have blessed thousands of lives, and we are certainly honored to join you on this journey.


Being a part of Legacy was incredibly meaningful to me. I am so grateful to have met so many passionate, thoughtful, and service-oriented people at the event, and I truly felt a part of the community. You created such a powerful space that evening. Thank you for how boldly you pursue your visions, and how warmly you invite others into the journey!


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  • To Beautiful and gracious Karen Covell… thank you for letting me serve you, it was an honor. Thank you, Jesus.

    Psalm 145:14 “The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.”

    This was truly an AMAZING LEGACY evening to experience. I’m so grateful to have witnessed such extraordinary moving testimony!
    I’m holding up Cindy Jacobs, praising the Holy Spirit for physically moving her to her knees. We witnessed as she humbly confessed an illusion she had (many of us too) of Hollywood. She asked for forgiveness… Hollywood was forgiving and asked for forgiveness in return.
    It closely reminded me of ‘The Day of Pentecost’… that night through Cindy’s prayer, all of Hollywood was forgiven and blessed, we received a new healing love language. That was evident in small group prayers afterward.
    Cindy’s prayer conversation was unlike any I’ve witnessed before, especially ‘on a studio lot or stage’, amazing!
    A Blessed night of healing… receiving that, I know I’ll work for the Lord on shows in ways unlike before and continue to share His love with others.

    Praise be to God, I’m ready to connect specifically with ‘brothers and sisters in Christ in the Industry’ continue to be part of His Kingdom on earth serving Hollywood and praying. God spoke to me, He said ‘its time, come with me, go forward’. Amen and Amen.

    Reaching out, Id like to meet Christian executives in charge of productions.

    He Is Almighty!
    Department Head Hairstylist

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