United Kingdom, Yorkshire – Alan Shires

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Alan Shires is an Actor, Presenter and Voiceover Artist. He has a massive passion for getting Jesus back into the center of Hollywood. Alan is also passionate about helping other performers recognise they do not need to compromise their morals to book work. Instead, Alan promotes that by staying true to one’s Christ-centered beliefs, performers are then better aligned with God and in turn can be catapulted forward in their careers.

Virginia, Lynchburg – Angela Dudley

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

The Lynchburg, Virginia Chapter is a small group that meets weekly for a bible study. They have a few members that are actors or writers or in some way, and have an interest in the film industry and have individually prayed for certain people and projects over the years. They generally focus on the filmmakers of a specific faith project like The Chosen or The Resurrection as well as ongoing individual people the members have been led to intercede for.  They don’t currently reach out but as they work with or meet people with the same call to intercession these people are invited to join the group.  Angela Dudley, chapter director says, because of Covid, she relies on sharing emails from HPN, leading prayer and answering emails.

Wisconsin – Allen Dennis Edge

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

The chapter focus for Christian Artists Network is to empower the Christian artists through ministry, prayer, and fellowship and to provide instruction in the artist’s vocation, both as a performer and as a Christian. The chapter’s mission is to hold “one another accountable to our Christian principles while still maintaining our individuality and personal artistic expressions and style”.

As chapter director, Allen Edge’s responsibility is to maintain the mission of CAN by screening membership and providing tools and information that enhances each Levite’s journey. The chapter’s outreach strategy can be viewed on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/180201470154. Allen also receives prayer requests and provides information and direction to Levites that move into the chapter’s area.

He shares a story of having the honor of mentoring a Christian Artist as part of his master’s program at the University Bible Fellowship. God uses His children in many ways.