Texas, Austin – Lynette Lewis

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

While some churches Lynette Lewis reached out to were interested in networking, praying was side-lined. She shares a disappointment she encountered, “Three pastors who thought praying specifically for Hollywood was not good for various reasons.” 

Her experience highlights a reality some of the chapters face in engaging people to pray specifically for the entertainment industry. We must, as Hollywood Prayer Network not only pray for the industry, but for the prayer warriors who are interceding on the industry’s behalf.  She concludes with, “Prayer has been so important in my life and the life of my family that even if there was no HPN we would be praying for such an important mission field!”

Texas, Bastrop – April Knight

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

April is a homeschooling mompreneur who has been talking to Jesus about and praying for the entertainment industry since she was a young girl. God likes to speak to April through lines from television shows and movies, and in 2018 she heard Him say, “Save Hollywood, save the world,” in a twist on the tagline from the show Heroes.

Around that time she found Hollywood Prayer Network and soon began receiving the newsletters. She prayed about how to be more involved, and God began moving her toward Bastrop where she finally arrived in July 2019. Since then she’s learned just how deep the industry actually runs in the area, and that she lives near what will soon be three movie studios/production companies: Wyldwood Studios and Studio 968/New Republic ten minutes to the north, a brand new as-yet-unnamed studio complex being built to the east. Troublemaker Studios is only about 20 minutes to the west. God planted her, without her prior knowledge, right in the middle of the industry she’s loved since childhood.

The pandemic slowed down April’s ability to get involved, but in June she approached HPN to see what she could do to help. Her goals for the local industry include regular gatherings of industry professionals to encourage each other and foster deep relationships that build strength, hope, and freedom; build church/industry networks for support; presence on local film sets for support in the midst of work; being a liaison between HPN and the local studios; and creating such an atmosphere in the industry that they don’t even want to produce anything without the support of HPN and local churches because of the drastic difference they see in value, quality, and sense of peace from pre- to post-production.

April is excited to see creativity increase, budgets increase, and doors open for more productions that bring honor and glory to Jesus. She’s ready to see lives changed in front of the screen because of the lives changed behind it.

Contact April at info@hpnbastrop.org

Uganda, Kampala – Joshua Balikoowa

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Chapter director Joshua Balikoowa wants his group to pray for a change in people’s perception of God, particularly in this multi-cultural and collective thinking society. His goal is to support individualistic thinking patterns for members of the entertainment industry. 

As a bible teacher, author, screenwriter and film producer Joshua’s strategy is to meet artists and share with them the HPN vision.  Recently, he had the opportunity to meet 500 artists with an interest in promoting the gospel through art.

“I was blessed to speak to folks in the meeting and told them that if we pray, the Lord will heal our land from all the ignorance of the past generation,” Balikoowa said. “I could sense the spark that had started to ignite revival in the lives of these passionate creators.”

Virginia, Lynchburg – Angela Dudley

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

The Lynchburg, Virginia Chapter is a small group that meets weekly for a bible study. They have a few members that are actors or writers or in some way, and have an interest in the film industry and have individually prayed for certain people and projects over the years. They generally focus on the filmmakers of a specific faith project like The Chosen or The Resurrection as well as ongoing individual people the members have been led to intercede for.  They don’t currently reach out but as they work with or meet people with the same call to intercession these people are invited to join the group.  Angela Dudley, chapter director says, because of Covid, she relies on sharing emails from HPN, leading prayer and answering emails.

Wisconsin – Allen Dennis Edge

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

The chapter focus for Christian Artists Network is to empower the Christian artists through ministry, prayer, and fellowship and to provide instruction in the artist’s vocation, both as a performer and as a Christian. The chapter’s mission is to hold “one another accountable to our Christian principles while still maintaining our individuality and personal artistic expressions and style”.

As chapter director, Allen Edge’s responsibility is to maintain the mission of CAN by screening membership and providing tools and information that enhances each Levite’s journey. The chapter’s outreach strategy can be viewed on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/180201470154. Allen also receives prayer requests and provides information and direction to Levites that move into the chapter’s area.

He shares a story of having the honor of mentoring a Christian Artist as part of his master’s program at the University Bible Fellowship. God uses His children in many ways.