Sailkot, Pakistan – Gulzar Masih

By Global Local Chapter Directors

“PRAYER IS MORE POWERFUL IN THE WHOLE WORLD,” states Gulzar Masih. Hailing from Sailkot, Pakistan, Gulzar has been a diligent pray-er and member of Hollywood Prayer Network for many years, because he loves to partner with the work of Jesus Christ. He says that Jesus is helping us in this world and we are living as a blessing in His hands; He who is merciful to all. 

In addition to his work with HPN, he helps Christian children in orphanages and assists widows. He strives to show love through good works and by remaining diligent, humble and faithful to the Lord’s commands. He prays for Hollywood Prayer Network and asks God to richly bless all members.

Salem, OR – Suez Smith

By Global Local Chapter Directors

“Our prayer team is small but mighty!”  Exclaims Suez Smith, chapter director for Salem, Oregon. They usually meet at The Broadway Commons in Salem, Oregon the 2nd Saturday of the month, but due to the Covid virus lock-down, they text. Prayerful text works too!
She reaches out on Facebook the week before the prayer time, and asks people to submit their prayer request for Hollywood.  She says, “It is amazing how so many people are starting to ‘get it’ when it comes to prayer for Hollywood.  I have received MANY responses, from people I really didn’t think would respond.  The prayer seems to close the gap between each of us.” Her Facebook pages are Hearts for Hollywood and Hollywood Prayer Network, Salem, Oregon, and you can visit her website at

San Jose, CA – Terri and Barry Renfro

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Terri and Barry first took steps to follow a call to ministry in the Hollywood entertainment industry in about 1998. Barry sensed a light go on during his university’s chapel service when the speaker rabbit-trailed into a reference about how God was at work in Hollywood. His wife, Terri, however, took some convincing. Barry chose to let God do that convincing, knowing if it was truly a call from God, she’d need to be on board too. That convincing from God soon became a strong conviction for both of them. A deep love grew for a people group many in the church still overlook. Barry and Terri have developed many industry relationships over the years and have had the privilege of interceding on the behalf of industry professionals.  

Barry and Terri have ministered bi-vocationally for decades. Barry is a building contractor who has served as a pastor in various church and home church ministries. Terri has pastored alongside Barry, and currently she works in Natural Health and has a naturopathic ministry degree. Terri creates HPN’s monthly Kids & Teens Prayer Calendar each month, highlighting various actors and industry people to pray for. 

Sherman Oaks, CA – Alexandra Boylan

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Alexandra Boylan is an award-winning filmmaker. Her company Mustard Seed Entertainment’s film Catching Faith had a two-year run on Netflix, was on the shelves of Wal-Mart, and is currently streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime. With a solid understanding of the entertainment industry though her writing, producing, and acting, she has her finger on the pulse of an industry in need of prayer.  Her chapter looks to Christian women in entertainment and engages them by opening her home and creating events where women can find community. Her goal is to connect women who love Jesus and work in the film industry. 

Alexandra is the Outreach Coordinator for Ms In The Biz, and co-collaborator of the book Thriving in Hollywood

St. Augustine, FL – Megan McCloud

By Global Local Chapter Directors

As an ordained minister and evangelical singer/songwriter, Megan actively speaks and performs her music throughout the community. She has led praise and worship at churches, choreographed and directed children’s musicals, and presented for non-profit organizations. Also an industry professional, Megan has worked on several film and television projects and has interned at local businesses in radio and film.

Her goal is to impact our culture for Christ through prayer, supporting the arts, and learning about the industry of Hollywood. The monthly HPN Kids and Teen Prayer Calendars help to give her a clear direction of who to pray for each month.

Megan shares a unique event in her chapter: creating a short film in one day. “We completed the filming in a day,” Megan says. “It was an original script and it really showed the group how much work goes into making a production. It gave us a new perspective of Hollywood and the memories we made were priceless.”

You can view some of Megan’s work here.

Toronto, Ontario – Audra Choy

By Global Local Chapter Directors

As an emerging producer, writer and actor, a member of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA), Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CAEA) and Women in Film and Television (WIFT-T) in Toronto, Audra Choy is immersed in the entertainment industry and perfectly suited as Toronto’s HPN Chapter director.
Her hope is that HPN GTA can be a hub to connect, as well to pray for people in the arts and entertainment sector. She has taken the time to seek out different artistic groups to get a sense of what’s happening in the Toronto area and then taking that opportunity to pray for the local arts and entertainment industry and the people involved as she meets many one on one.

Vacaville, CA – Melissa Sweeney

By Global Local Chapter Directors

This chapter director focuses on praying for those the Lord puts on her heart. In the last few years it’s been music artists, song writers, and actors. She can see Him moving in around her prayer targets and even creating communities of believers in Christ in the industries. She has also started social media accounts and posts prayer targets and requests for specific actors or artists. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook @thewildsideca.
God has also laid on her heart the ministry to host prayer meetings, especially before events such as awards shows or any event where industry professionals gather, because she knows there are believers in every cast and crew and that God is moving in hearts all around them.

West Des Moines, Iowa – David Gaumer

By Global Local Chapter Directors

 At a very young age, David developed a passion for theatre and movie production. This led him to become involved in theatre in high school, and eventually graduate college with a B.A. in theatre.

These days, David spends most of his time in the world of finance, but his love of the entertainment industry and his deep-rooted love of Christ gives him a special ministry of letter-writing. He has written to a number of high-profile actors and has stated that there are plenty of actors and entertainers in Iowa. His goal as a Chapter Director is to “Get the word out around here as much as possible by getting the [HPN Call Sheets] out to people.” He is continually inspired by Isaiah 41:10: “Fear not because the Lord is with you.” – and this quote from Kevin Costner from the Untouchables: “Never stop fighting ‘till the fight is done!”

Wisconsin – Edward Dennis Edge

By Global Local Chapter Directors

The chapter focus for Christian Artists Network is to empower the Christian artists through ministry, prayer, and fellowship and to provide instruction in the artist’s vocation, both as a performer and as a Christian. The chapter’s mission is to hold “one another accountable to our Christian principles while still maintaining our individuality and personal artistic expressions and style”.

As chapter director, Edward Edge’s responsibility is to maintain the mission of CAN by screening membership and providing tools and information that enhances each Levite’s journey. The chapter’s outreach strategy can be viewed on their Facebook page: Edward also receives prayer requests and provides information and direction to Levites that move into the chapter’s area.

He shares a story of having the honor of mentoring a Christian Artist as part of her master’s program at the University Bible Fellowship. God uses his children in many ways.