Kampala, Uganda – Joshua Balikoowa

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Chapter director Joshua Balikoowa wants his group to pray for a change in people’s perception of God, particularly in this multi-cultural and collective thinking society. His goal is to support individualistic thinking patterns for members of the entertainment industry. 

As a bible teacher, author, screenwriter and film producer Joshua’s strategy is to meet artists and share with them the HPN vision.  Recently, he had the opportunity to meet 500 artists with an interest in promoting the gospel through art.

“I was blessed to speak to folks in the meeting and told them that if we pray, the Lord will heal our land from all the ignorance of the past generation,” Balikoowa said. “I could sense the spark that had started to ignite revival in the lives of these passionate creators.”

Kumasi, Ghana – Rev. Isaac Osei

By Global Local Chapter Directors

As a pastor helping people to develop and to improve living conditions, Isaac shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ and mobilizes churches. Caring for orphans and street children, there is much work to be done.
Pastor Osei started the Hollywood Prayer Network chapter in Kumasi and added a location in Accra. He holds meetings and prayers each month at both locations. His approach in spreading the Word is through television, radio, and other media to reach his audience and the entertainment industry.
Growing up as an orphan, God in his grace blessed him with an education to receive a BA in theology, a Diploma in International Communication and a wonderful marriage with six children.
His chapter strategy is simple: “We pray a lot.”

Kyoto, Japan – Jamie Kassler

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Jamie Kassler is a filmmaker-missionary serving in Kyoto, Japan. His focus is to pray for, meet, and encourage filmmakers in Japan and internationally, as well as to create inspirational media in Japan (Japan Hope). Jamie is currently making narrative short films in Japan as an outreach ministry, which allows him to share God’s love both in the film content and throughout the filmmaking process. This ministry began as an “interest-based” outreach model, that allows for ministry engagement through a practical activity, such as filmmaking. 

First Jamie and his team reach out to friends and contacts who want to be involved in filmmaking or ministry, as well as post online on various forums seeking volunteer actors and crew. They have had many unbelievers who want to join and help on multiple films, including aspiring actors and professionals in the Tokyo film industry, and performers from Universal Studios Japan.

Once filming is underway, the team starts each day by praying and sharing one of Jesus’ teachings related to the film’s theme. Throughout the day, they pray that the volunteer crew and actors would be impacted by the morning prayer and scripture reading, and that the scriptural themes in the film itself would cause the crew and actors to reflect. Jamie and his team also pray that each person would experience the Lord through the love, respect and pursuit of excellence on set – which they believe can be even more powerful than words.

These short films have also opened doors for Jamie and his team to share God’s love at secular film festivals and arts communities. Through their small volunteer base, they reach out to friends and contacts who want to be involved in filmmaking or ministry, as well as post online on various forums seeking volunteer actors and crew. They have had many unbelievers who want to join and help on multiple films, including aspiring actors and professionals in Tokyo film industry, and performers from Universal Studios Japan.

One on one, Jamie is always blessed to engage and pray for those he meets on the mission field, or who have reached out to him online – including filmmakers, artists, missionaries, those with a heart for Japan, and more. He loves to pray for others, and encourage people however he can.

Lancaster, PA – Carlos Ortiz

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Carlos Ortiz is one of our newer Chapter Directors, having lived in Lancaster for one year–a year impacted dramatically by the coronavirus. In light of this, Carlos has focused his efforts on prayer, calling on churches and prayer groups to pray in unity together. His hope in the near future is to raise awareness of the great ministry of HPN as it continues to impact the people and overall culture of Hollywood.

Lexington, KY – Catherine Gaffney

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Catherine has spent her entire adult life integrating her faith and her art. From early days with City Lights Theatre Company in San Francisco, to Taproot Theatre in Seattle (where she met her writer husband, Sean), to BADD (Bel Air Drama Dept) in LA, to getting her MFA in Acting/Directing at Regent University and now teaching acting at Asbury University – she has seen the power that stories can have for audiences in all walks of life. Catherine and Sean (Screenwriting Professor at Asbury University) enjoy helping artists of faith connect.”It’s such a joy to share our journeys with each other,” Catherine says.

Long Island, NY – Karen Broadway-Wilson

By Global Local Chapter Directors

As chapter director for Long Island, NY, Karen Broadway-Wilson has had the opportunity to connect with a few moms of celebrities and pray for their children’s salvation. She and her chapter have also done prayer walks on Broadway, praying for God to heal broken hearts, and also praying for God-inspired plays to come to Broadway.  Karen even had an opportunity to pray for a Broadway actor and Grammy award-winner. 

This is the action of her chapter: praying for salvation, healing and deliverance for those influencers in the entertainment industry, to be a source of encouragement, and to build relationships, partnerships and connections with those that have a heart for the arts.

She explains that by participating in and facilitating networking events, prayer groups, collaborations with local organizations and participating in community outreach events, as well as participating in and supporting local film and theater productions, she and her members are able to encourage and empower those in the industry nationally and internationally with the love of God.

Lynchburg, VA – Angela Dudley

By Global Local Chapter Directors

The Lynchburg, Virginia Chapter is a small group that meets weekly for a bible study. They have a few members that are actors or writers or in some way, and have an interest in the film industry and have individually prayed for certain people and projects over the years. They generally focus on the filmmakers of a specific faith project like The Chosen or The Resurrection as well as ongoing individual people the members have been led to intercede for.  They don’t currently reach out but as they work with or meet people with the same call to intercession these people are invited to join the group.  Angela Dudley, chapter director says, because of Covid, she relies on sharing emails from HPN, leading prayer and answering emails.

Madera County, CA – Cassandra Hepburn

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Cassandra Hepburn is a former model turned actress who had, as she describes, a “road to Damascus” moment in her life, when God stopped her from driving off a cliff and invited her to search for Him, and in Him, her life’s purpose. She later started pursuing Jesus and received a prophecy that her next phase of life would be even grander than her previous life in the spotlight. She now lives in Madera County and works as a youth pastor, where she is excited about teaching youth to look for spiritual themes in films. She is also a ministry leader with CMC International, having been on 25 mission trips to 20 different countries. Cassandra is still active in the entertainment industry as an actress, and she takes every opportunity on set to pray over the production and minister to people. As an HPN chapter director, she is excited to plan virtual events for local members as well as HPN members around the world.

Madrid, Spain – Hector and Lilli Ramirez

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Hector Ramirez is artistic director and founder of the Performing Arts Centre in Madrid, Spain he and his wife Lilli are founders of the Ars Vitalis Foundation. Hector has been an actor, theatre director and producer, and writer of the musical, Animal Talk. Some of the shows he has produced and directed are Othello, The Great Theatre of the World, EL Cántico Espiritual, an adaptation of Cats, el Culebron, and more. He has worked as floor manager for TV shows in Canada and in Italy.
The chapter encourages God’s gift of creativity in the lives of others, by engaging the non-Christians in conversation on the relevant issues of life in providing a platform for discussion in a postmodern, post-Christian society, through the arts and culture. Prayer, interaction, teaching and information are necessary tools to open the way for meaningful conversations on the relevance of the gospel.

Miami, Fl – Gladys Colon

By Global Local Chapter Directors

The Miami chapter‘s focus is to empower the community of Christian artists, entertainers, and others to Christ through their artistic talents.  By networking, events, prayer meetings, and even providing opportunities, the chapter engages its members and others through this outreach diversity. In the future she has even more plans for reaching others. As director, Gladys Colon makes sure the chapter has productive prayer meetings, she is also keenly attuned to making sure her group remains at a level of moral attributes aligned with the Spirit of God and His grace, and to be influential to others by the Word of God, the power of God, and the testimony.