Chicago, IL – Abby Lynn Kang Davis

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Throughout her career, multi-Emmy-nominated Abby Lynn Kang Davis has focused on breaking underrepresented voices into the commercial television and film marketplace. Her skills in identifying viable talent in up-and-coming storytellers, advocating on their behalf, and mentoring them through the filmmaking process, have garnered top-tier film festival invitations and award nominations, as well as millions in sales revenue. Abby is currently responsible for bringing multiple projects to market. Most recently, she executive-produced Emmy-nominated Long Shot (Telluride 2017/Netflix Originals), Emmy winning-306 Hollywood (Sundance 2018/PBS POV), the New York Times’ Emmy-nominated series Almost Famous (Telluride 2020/Op Docs) and the television docuseries The Devil You Know (Viceland). Abby is also the founder of character., a producing and consulting company. As a chapter director, Abby is a fervent supporter of Hollywood Prayer Network and she has participated on the weekly Friday Prayer Calls.

Columbia, SC – Ashley Card

By Global Local Chapter Directors

As owner, teacher, director, choreographer of Aletheia, a dance & acting organization, Ashley Card is intimately knowledgeable of the entertainment industry.  Her marketing and production agency, Marketing Truth, LLC expands her knowledge base of challenges and victories. 

As chapter director, she acknowledges that the city is, “hard ground in the area of religiosity.” She says, “There is a division between the church and the arts as there is a fear.”  Thus, her businesses have been pioneers in bringing the two segments together by providing high-quality faith-based arts ministries enabling outreach to schools, homes, hospitals, and shelters. 

Her strategy in raising visibility for HPN is reaching out to the local Christian college, holding monthly prayer meetings, recruiting members, and she looks forward to workshops and prayer walks.

Dubuque, Iowa – Jason Jahr

By Global Local Chapter Directors

“The focus of this chapter is always on Christ: His Blood, His Word, His Testimony, and His Prevailing Will,” writes Jason Jahr. He explains his responsibilities are to uphold His Word and to show love and faith in his actions, to walk in His Word and not just speak it. He sees God guiding him and protecting him. He suggests, “I wholly recommend that you pray Psalm 91 over your loved ones, that the Blood of Christ will shield them from all evil, danger, and sickness. I pray this Psalm regularly and do attest to its effectiveness provided that I live out His commandments and show my faith by my deeds.”

Eugene, OR – Annette Trucke

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Annette Trucke is a writer, speaker and founder of Audacious Consulting and Media Services. Her book, Audacious Consulting Dream Launching Manual, can be found on Amazon.

Annette started the Eugene chapter with the aim of drawing people together in support of the film industry and bringing awareness to HPN by having info tables at events. Presently, the prayer has become the chapter’s mainstay, as they pray for their contacts in the media and entertainment industry. Annette is also working to increase the chapter’s social media presence by posting and creating discussions around devotionals from Hollywood, Jesus, and You by Karen Covell and Kimberly Roberts.

She says that the most impactful event was the Local Chapter Directors Summit that HPN hosted a few years back in Hollywood. Out of it came many new friends, a heart for the ministry of prayer for those in the entertainment and media industry, and a new focus on the arts, thanks to the talk by Brian Chan. Her experience at this event went forth with and from her in so many ways–and the ripples are still moving.

Fresno, CA – Marta Escarcega

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Marta Escarcega has been married to her husband, Arnold, for 37 years. Together they have four children, two grandchildren, three white German Shepherds, and four alpacas. In the past she was an educator at elementary and college levels. Now she is the owner of A & M Ranch as well as Escarcega Enterprise. 

Marta has a heart for the entertainment industry in part because her daughter works in entertainment in New York. Marta and her chapter do prayer walks and host faith-based red carpet events at screenings in Fresno, where they have seen many come to Christ.

Gelderland, Netherlands – Hans van Dalen

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Hans has seen first hand the power of prayer. Hans emphasizes that there are many in the entertainment industry that need special prayer so his chapter in Holland is always there for them. As chapter director his starting point is, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus” (Phil 4:6-7). And he encourages those he prays for to “Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion. Stay alert and be persistent in your prayers for all believers everywhere” (Phil 6:18). Amen, brother Hans!

Gig Harbor, WA – Lena Sandell

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Because Lena Sandell is new to the position of chapter director, she says that her initial plan is to contact other local chapter directors and ask them for ideas. But in the meantime, one project she is working on is visiting local movie theaters and praying over them. We are looking forward to Lena’s work in blessing Hollywood through prayer and encouragement!

Grand Haven, MI – Kristen Collier

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Kristen is a working industry professional: she’s a Roku developer and co-founder of Creative Motion Network, a free, cutting-edge indie Christian Roku channel that she built with her husband to help independent creatives get more exposure. She is also co-founder and animator of Collier Animation Studio, and and she just begun freelancing for a Christian news outlet to spotlight Christian creatives who do their work with excellence. In this season, she is seeing God moving among Christian projects, so that Christian media is reaching a higher caliber than before. Kristen has seen God use the pandemic to level the playing field, enabling independent animation studios to compete with major studios: “It really is a whole new game,” Kristen says.

Hamburg, Germany – Raquel Schwaerzler

By Global Local Chapter Directors

This chapter concentrates mainly on intercession for the Arts and Entertainment Industry and industry professionals. Raquel Schwaerzler leads the chapter in their dynamic approach to see the “Father’s heart revealed through the Arts and Media.”  Raquel is connected to the local house of prayer, where she tries to make more people aware of why it is important to pray for the entertainment industry. She hopes some might change their personal views of the business and its entertainers as they unite together with a like mind to pray for others.