California, Vacaville – Melissa Sweeney

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

This chapter director focuses on praying for those the Lord puts on her heart. In the last few years it’s been music artists, song writers, and actors. She can see Him moving in around her prayer targets and even creating communities of believers in Christ in the industries. She has also started social media accounts and posts prayer targets and requests for specific actors or artists. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook @thewildsideca.
God has also laid on her heart the ministry to host prayer meetings, especially before events such as awards shows or any event where industry professionals gather, because she knows there are believers in every cast and crew and that God is moving in hearts all around them.

California, Ventura – Lanie Mabry

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Lanie has been serving the Lord in intercession, including for Hollywood, since 1999 and recently became a chapter director with HPN in March of 2022!

Growing up, her dad was a pastor, but in her teens she got pulled into the ways of the world. In her thirties, after watching “Stigmata”, she devoted her life to Jesus and has not turned back! In 2018, she was diagnosed with cancer and was told that she only had months to live, but she sees her life as a living example of Psalm 23 in God’s faithfulness to be with us at all times as our Rock! She is joyfully a wife, mother and grandmother.

She looks forward to gathering people together in person for prayer and sharing prayer requests online with her chapter. She has a heart for entertainers to know God, and through knowing Him, to be a part of what God is doing in Hollywood!

Canada, Alberta – Peggy Buzzard

By Global Local Chapter Directors

“My current focus is to share Jesus’ love by living an available life.”  Peggy states a simple, yet profound statement of accessibility. Her intent is to educate people by living her life as an example of discipleship and love. She intimately knows the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and worker.

In encouraging people through prayer, she seeks to uplift Hollywood, local theatre and studio establishments by highlighting the importance of positivity, rather than gossip, connection rather than disconnection, and inspiration rather than discouragement. 

Her involvement in the arts community, sharing Hollywood Prayer Network with churches, and reaching out to a Calgary film studio has allowed her to pray and walk with many in the industry who need spiritual connection and vitality.

Canada, Ontario, Ottawa – Karen Bourgon

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Karen is a wife and mother of six children, proud grandmother of two grandchildren, and has an extensive background in Administration and Fitness Consulting.  She is the Founder and Director of two ministries – Sister†Hood, a faith based ministry for women, and The Deliverance Network, with its associated Youtube Channel, The Deliverance Network.  With a profound spiritual journey that began with an ‘angel experience’ in 1999, Karen seeks to spread the experiences and ‘words’ she has received over the years, in answer to God’s call, and believes deeply in the power of prayer to change our world.

Karen is passionate about witnessing to the faith and helping women in healing, growth, faith and community, and is particularly passionate about spiritual warfare. Karen is excited at the addition of an HPN Chapter as part of Sister†Hood’s network of powerhouse prayer warriors, and believes it offers strongly targeted spiritual warfare in an area of great influence in our culture.


Canada, Ontario, Toronto – Audra Choy

By Global Local Chapter Directors

As an emerging producer, writer and actor, a member of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA), Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CAEA) and Women in Film and Television (WIFT-T) in Toronto, Audra Choy is immersed in the entertainment industry and perfectly suited as Toronto’s HPN Chapter director.
Her hope is that HPN GTA can be a hub to connect, as well to pray for people in the arts and entertainment sector. She has taken the time to seek out different artistic groups to get a sense of what’s happening in the Toronto area and then taking that opportunity to pray for the local arts and entertainment industry and the people involved as she meets many one on one.

East Africa, Burundi – Lievin Manisha

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Lievin joined HPN as a chapter director in November 2021. Lievin and his wife Ritva Gahimbare-Manisha are working on starting activities for their non profit organization DNW (The Dream of Nehemiah’s Wall). He has published a book titled “From Genocide to Jesus“, and is praying into it being translated into a film to build up the body of Christ and reach souls around the world. He has also acted as a lead in a documentary that recently launched in Madrid and Zaragoza called “Voiceless”, telling the story of a forgotten Genocide of the Tutsi in Burundi in 1993.

Contact Lievin if you are interested in joining the whatsapp group, facebook page, or online/phone prayer meetings!



Egypt, Cairo – Amir Ghali

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Although Amir Ghali was in Egypt for a long time he recently came back to the USA. However, he still has a team of people who are in Egypt, but because of COVID, it became difficult for them to meet. Nevertheless, Margo and Amged who are the team leaders in Cairo, continue to reach out to each other and other people in prayer. Additionally, they are trying to establish Arabic Media School to teach media for young people. Amir diligently guides his team and always shares his prayers for them and the entertainment industry.

Florida, Fort Myers – Dianna Sandora

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Dianna Sandora has come up with a terrific way of connecting with people to encourage them to pray for the entertainment industry. She has begun a new video series, based on Karen Covell’s devotional, Hollywood, Jesus, and You. She posts the videos on her personal Facebook profile. Check it out! She also keeps close tabs on the news for relevant issues that need prayer and encourages others to pray.

Florida, Miami – Gladys Colon

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

The Miami chapter‘s focus is to empower the community of Christian artists, entertainers, and others to Christ through their artistic talents.  By networking, events, prayer meetings, and even providing opportunities, the chapter engages its members and others through this outreach diversity. In the future she has even more plans for reaching others. As director, Gladys Colon makes sure the chapter has productive prayer meetings, she is also keenly attuned to making sure her group remains at a level of moral attributes aligned with the Spirit of God and His grace, and to be influential to others by the Word of God, the power of God, and the testimony.

Florida, Nokomis – Mark Bitner

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Mark “The Shark” Bitner’s ministry is intentionally relational. His group is ALWAYS about the “One,” Jesus Christ. “I have always had a heart for those in all forms of entertainment, especially those in Hollywood,” Mark says. “I have been praying for several young actors for over 20 years. Although I have my eyes on the A-listers the Lord spoke to my heart to reach out for those in the faith-based industry OR those in the industry in general who are believers. I simply reached out and asked if I could pray for them. Many of the connections have gone from praying for production needs to family needs and beyond. Some of these connections have become friendships.”
Mark continues to pray and points out that his goals are to be on set and minister there. He had the privilege of ministering on set of the TV series “The Chosen” and ministered to both believers and non-believers.