Arizona, Phoenix – Nate Sams

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Church planter, graphic designer, husband, father, and pastor. Nate Sams has had the blessing of meeting so many types of people in his diverse and creative life journey. He encourages prayer not only for media professionals and artists, but also for chapter members to seek advice and encouragement from one another. He has seen firsthand the way God works to provide.

Australia, Perth – Lazlo Bak

By Global Local Chapter Directors

The chapter has been busy. They started doing the devotional found on HPN, God’s Heart for Hollywood. Lazlo Bak stated that the group is also praying for the different needs in the entertainment industry, as well as support for the Christians in Hollywood. One of the group members has a heart to pray for Tom Hanks.  As Lazlo humbly expresses, “We are really feeling the presence of God.”

California, Fresno – Marta Escarcega

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Marta Escarcega has been married to her husband, Arnold, for 37 years. Together they have four children, two grandchildren, three white German Shepherds, and four alpacas. In the past she was an educator at elementary and college levels. Now she is the owner of A & M Ranch as well as Escarcega Enterprise. 

Marta has a heart for the entertainment industry in part because her daughter works in entertainment in New York. Marta and her chapter do prayer walks and host faith-based red carpet events at screenings in Fresno, where they have seen many come to Christ.

California, Madera County – Cassandra Hepburn

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Cassandra Hepburn is a former model turned actress who had, as she describes, a “road to Damascus” moment in her life, when God stopped her from driving off a cliff and invited her to search for Him, and in Him, her life’s purpose. She later started pursuing Jesus and received a prophecy that her next phase of life would be even grander than her previous life in the spotlight. She now lives in Madera County and works as a youth pastor, where she is excited about teaching youth to look for spiritual themes in films. She is also a ministry leader with CMC International, having been on 25 mission trips to 20 different countries. Cassandra is still active in the entertainment industry as an actress, and she takes every opportunity on set to pray over the production and minister to people. As an HPN chapter director, she is excited to plan virtual events for local members as well as HPN members around the world.

California, Oakhurst – Dr. Candi MacAlpine

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Dr. Candi MacAlpine is an apostolic team leader, minister and California native, with a Ph.D. from Wagner Leadership Institute. She has two daughters with her late husband Don, and five grandchildren. Steeped in the power of prayer, she has “led prayer journeys across the earth for 20 years.” She is a member of the United States National Prayer Council and the California core team Awaken the Dawn. Additionally, she has authored four books. 

In her sphere of influence and travels, she looks for opportunities to share about HPN with believers in the entertainment industry. Her strength is in leading by example with a commitment to the HPN team and its vision. You can learn more about Candi here:

California, Orange County – Peggy Roger

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Peggy Roger is a movie producer, author and co-founder of Hope 4 Kids adoption agency in Dana Point, CA. She serves other filmmakers by praying for their needs and supporting them in their movie productions. Peggy also loves to model prayer for the next generation: She enjoys when young people join their parents at her chapter’s prayer meetings. Peggy loves to avail herself to people to connect them with our HPN groups around the world, raise awareness of HPN, and support filmmakers and the overall HPN community.

California, Redding – Kate English

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Kate grew up convinced she would be a full time missionary to India, but in the last 10 years God has been shifting her heart to Hollywood. With a passion for community and creativity her favorite thing is to connect like-minded people who can partner with, and encourage, each other. Kate moved to Redding in 2009 to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and then spent time on staff at Bethel Church, as well as working for local production companies, and most recently working for the Upstate California Film Commission. As a costume designer and writer she feels called to build a bridge between Redding and LA to create connections and spiritual support for artists both locally, and in Hollywood.

California, Sacramento – Rev. Rosemary Curto

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Rev. Rosemary Curto is a self-proclaimed “born-again zealot” who survived terminal inoperable pancreatic cancer by the grace of God, experiencing an angelic visitation and the healing power of Doctor Jesus of Nazareth. (She has been in remission for the past 14 years.) HPN is proud to have a hip 81-year-old representing HPN as a seasoned LCD. She also represents Western Evangelical Association as their representative in Northern California. She is a very serious front line warrior intercessor in the battle between good and evil. Rosemary is also an international speaker, a blog writer and author under the pen-name Rosaday Ryan (check out The Forecast: The Broom of Destruction on Amazon).

Her chapter is always seeking new prayer warriors for Hollywood. Rosemary also sends out email bulletins every month to her contacts and her fellow chapter directors (via HPN’s chapter director update emails). Her chapter’s goal is to save souls through fervent prayers and to impact the “Heart of Hollywood” by praying that love, and not the influence of the Enemy, would reign.

California, San Diego- Bill and Michelle Winder

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Bill & Michelle Winder, both native Californians, live in Carlsbad, a beautiful town in north coastal San Diego.  At a God-appointed meeting in Hollywood in 2010, Michelle met Karen Covell. Karen was hosting a meeting for children in ‘The Industry’ and Michelle had been invited up to lead worship. After a short conversation in which Karen explained the vision of Hollywood Prayer Network, she asked Michelle to pray about starting a Chapter in San Diego.

Here is the rest of the story, directly from Michelle:
I immediately declined as my time was already consumed with ministry and Real Estate. Karen continued to ask every few months until one day, while driving on the I-5 I realized it might be God asking- so, as was often my mo, I ‘made a deal’ with God. If He would provide a partner to help, I would do it ‘temporarily’ until someone with a passion for Hollywood stepped up. 12 minutes later I walked into my home and my husband Bill, a true prayer-warrior, said, “Would you start an HPN Chapter if I were to partner with you?” I laughed at how God always calls my bluff.  I agreed and Bill & I began an adventure that we’re still enjoying today, 12 years later! We rally an amazing team of prayer warriors “outside the camp” as God leads. Please pray about joining us!