Japan, Kyoto – Jamie Kassler

By January 26, 2021October 29th, 2021Global Local Chapter Directors

Jamie Kassler is a filmmaker-missionary serving in Kyoto, Japan. His focus is to pray for, meet, and encourage filmmakers in Japan and internationally, as well as to create inspirational media in Japan (Japan Hope). Jamie is currently making narrative short films in Japan as an outreach ministry, which allows him to share God’s love both in the film content and throughout the filmmaking process. This ministry began as an “interest-based” outreach model, that allows for ministry engagement through a practical activity, such as filmmaking. 

First Jamie and his team reach out to friends and contacts who want to be involved in filmmaking or ministry, as well as post online on various forums seeking volunteer actors and crew. They have had many unbelievers who want to join and help on multiple films, including aspiring actors and professionals in the Tokyo film industry, and performers from Universal Studios Japan. Once filming is underway, the team starts each day by praying and sharing one of Jesus’ teachings related to the film’s theme. Throughout the day, they pray that the volunteer crew and actors would be impacted by the morning prayer and scripture reading, and that the scriptural themes in the film itself would cause the crew and actors to reflect. Jamie and his team also pray that each person would experience the Lord through the love, respect and pursuit of excellence on set – which they believe can be even more powerful than words. These short films have also opened doors for Jamie and his team to share God’s love at secular film festivals and arts communities. 

One on one, Jamie is always blessed to engage and pray for those he meets on the mission field, or who have reached out to him online – including filmmakers, artists, missionaries, those with a heart for Japan, and more. He loves to pray for others, and encourage people however he can.

Jaime’s Missionary Page: “Jesus in Japan