Intercessor Application

Hollywood Prayer Network is blessed to have you join our One-to-One Prayer Partnerships. What a blessing to know that God is calling you to pray for an entertainment industry professional in Hollywood, His most influential mission field in the world. Our ministry goal at HPN is to connect you, the intercessor, with an industry professional (the missionary) who serves the Lord with his or her talent/craft up front or behind the scenes in Hollywood. We believe that your prayers will make a huge impact in the life of your prayer partner and encourage them as they present themselves as a light in a dark place. Together, you will experience God's answer to your prayers for His divine will to take place. To help us start the process, please fill out the application below. All information is for confidential use only.
    If "Yes," please make sure your spouse also fills out an Intercessor application.
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Guidelines for Intercessors Praying for Industry Professionals:

This ministry is to serve Industry Professionals through personal prayer. Thank you for committing to such a vital and important role in service to Christ! By submitting this application, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. Please reach out to make the first contact.  Introduce yourself and find out how often the industry professional would like to communicate and what is their preference for communication (email, phone, in person, snail mail etc).
  2. If you are communicating over the phone or in person, take the opportunity to pray for your partner right then — do not simply take the prayer request.
  3. Do not, under any circumstances, request money or other resources from your industry professional prayer partner. Additionally, do not provide money or other resources to your prayer partner. If you believe any inappropriate requests are being made of you, please contact us immediately at or 323-462-8486.
  4. All information must be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Please do not pass your prayer partner’s requests on to anyone else, and do not post them on any websites or forward them to any other email addresses.
  5. Over time, you will likely get to know the industry professional on a more personal basis.  If it is suggested, feel free to connect with them as you both feel is appropriate. If for some reason the prayer partnership does not seem to be working out, please call or email us so we can help you both achieve better results.
  6. If you do not hear from your prayer partner for a while and want to be updated, take the initiative to contact them. Let them know you are praying, and ask them for any updates, praises, and/or requests. Encourage them in any way you can as the Spirit leads. It is your responsibility to follow up with the industry professional. Our call is to be servants for these missionaries in the industry.
  7. As this ministry is to lift-up and encourage the Christian Industry Professional, please be mindful to keep your focus on their needs.
  8. We would like you to commit to pray weekly or even daily for your prayer partner, though you do not need to be communicating with them this often. Your prayers make the difference for your partner’s spiritual well-being, encouragement, peace, joy, and safety in the oftentimes battle zone of Hollywood.
  9. We believe with all our hearts that “the fervent, effectual prayer of the righteous avails much,” and that “with God all things are possible.” Keep us updated with praise reports along the way by emailing