California, Oakhurst – Dr. Candi MacAlpine

By November 16, 2020October 29th, 2021Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Dr. Candi MacAlpine is an apostolic team leader, minister and California native, with a Ph.D. from Wagner Leadership Institute. She has two daughters with her late husband Don, and five grandchildren. Steeped in the power of prayer, she has “led prayer journeys across the earth for 20 years.” She is a member of the United States National Prayer Council and the California core team Awaken the Dawn. Additionally, she has authored four books. 

In her sphere of influence and travels, she looks for opportunities to share about HPN with believers in the entertainment industry. Her strength is in leading by example with a commitment to the HPN team and its vision. You can learn more about Candi here: