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Prayer For Funding

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One of our lifelines at the moment (and one that will significantly improve our chances of moving to the States) is a Back to the Future documentary we have been planning over the last year or so.  We have all the permissions in place from Universal Studios and the makers of the movie etc, we just need to raise the money to make it happen.  We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to try and raise the funds to make the documentary but it’s moving extremely slowly at the moment, and we only have until May 14th to hit our target.  It would be AMAZING if you could somehow help us put the word out about the documentary.  With enough people pledging even just $10 dollars, this can still be made possible.  Here’s the link to the campaign with further details on the project:


Prayer Request

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1.  Pray for the Lord’s mercy, grace, love, peace, comfort, protection, provision, help, complete healing and good health, truth and light, full household salvation, and all that’s good from God for all of Israel, Jerusalem, USA, California (the entire N. CA Bay Area region), Los Angeles County (even Hollywood and L.A.), the City and State of New York, the entire Entertainment Industry (including, but not limited to, all actors, entertainers, performers, and artists) and all involved worldwide, the Body/Church of Christ (all who belong to the Lord), Valley Church Cupertino (my local church) – campus / community (all involved local and worldwide), my family/relatives/loved ones (myself included), and all whom I’ve prayed for and with.

2.  Pray for the Lord’s help, protection, and complete healing for me, my mother Patricia, my sister Kathleen, and my Uncle Joe (and all who are with us) – especially physical healing and financial help. Also, pray that the Lord would deliver us from all current illnesses, trouble, and attacks. Thank you.


Prayer Request: The Resolution of Red Tears

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“Please pray for The Resolution of Red Tears. I am waiting for funding, I need breakthrough there. I have many Native Actor interested as well as a well known actor for the lead and a high end Special FX Supervisor. The tribe wants to invest but the IRS is holding them up.

Please pray for this feature length film about a Native American man who wants to see a National Public Apology made to the indigenous people of America to bring about reconciliation and forgiveness. It is an important film the the Lord is truly behind.”

Jayna, HPN Member