Prayer Requests

Pray for funding

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Pray that the funding for my faith friendly and faith based film slate would be released by the spirits of darkness who not want positive, healthful, grounded faith friendly and faith based films to be made, but would in fact manifest and be made known. – Toni

Pray for deliverance from pornography

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Pray for deliverance from pornography.  Many Christian men are addicted to pornography. Hollywood makes a lot of money from it. The internet makes it so easily accessible. Pride also stops confessing this sin. Even Christian pastors and leaders give in to watching porn. Please pray that those addicted to porn would repent and seek prayer and counseling. I pray more Christian men and women who are addicted will confess and seek help and healing. – Ernie

Pray for new screenplay

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A screenplay of mine is under consideration with a production company. It is uncompromising in its biblically sound message, and my hope is that the producers are spiritually and artistically on the same page as we are. The prayers of your team  regarding this are much appreciated.
– Mitch

Pray Boldly

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I am fasting and praying about the sexual abuse and pedophilia that is coming to light in Hollywood. I pray that those in the industry not to be silent about it!  Securing work has silenced so many.

Prayer for Actors and Actresses

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I lift up whatever actor or actress is reading this right now. Father, we ask that instead of experiencing the counterfeit love that the enemy offers in Hollywood in the form of “fans,” they would feel real love from you God.
Father, you love this person unconditionally, before they ever made their first movie, tv show, commercial, before they were ever known to the public.
Father, I am asking for you to not only reveal your love to them in a deeper way, but provide for them a “safe zone” not only spiritually, but in their physical, geographical comings and goings. A “safe zone” where they can be themselves, and be in the company of those who love them, no “fans” just genuine love for who they are, where the “performance” and “personas” can come off.
Father, we ask also that you will bless them in their leisure time with true refreshment, and you will blind the eyes of the “fans” so they can peacefully go about their business when they go shopping or do their daily tasks.
Father, I pray right now in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, PROTECTION over the person reading this. Any attempts from any evil entity to bring this person down, cause them any distress physically, emotionally, and mentally to be CANCELLED in Jesus mighty name.
We ask Father, for restoration from any gossip and/or slander that has caused this person distress. Father, we ask that the public and the news reporters begin to LOSE interest in the personal lives of celebrities.
I ask right now God, for you to send this person a true friend. I pray that you will be their true friend first and foremost, for all good things come from you. I ask Father, that you show this person that you are indeed a loving and good God, and remove any stronghold the enemy has set up that has caused them to believe otherwise.
I pray against all mental torment in Jesus name. You are a LOVED child of God and you are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made (Psalms 137).
Father, I ask that while this person anchors themselves in you, that you bring a true friend or friends to this person. Father, we ask that you will raise up a group of other believers that can truly understand the complexities of their profession, to surround them with prayer and affirmation.
We ask Father, for them to stay close to you and listen to your still small voice. We ask Father, that you will open up projects for them to step into that will be pleasing to you. If it is NOT in your will for them to act, I pray for you to lovingly and peacefully guide them into where you want them.
Father, I ask for all these things in Jesus name, Amen.

Salvation & Healing for Hollywood & the Nation

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1. Please pray for the Lord’s grace, mercy, love, help, complete healing, full-household salvation, leadership, truth and light, wisdom / knowledge / understanding / discernment, peace / comfort / rest / joy, presence and favor, impenetrable protection, and all that’s good from God above for all of:

The USA (Washington DC); California (Sacramento and Silicon Valley); Israel and Jerusalem; Canada and Mexico; The entire world-wide Entertainment Industry in fullness (including Hollywood Prayer Network and Act One, Inc.); all of the Lord’s churches / groups / denominations / ministries / gatherings world-wide; all of God’s people (THE BODY / CHURCH OF CHRIST); me (Sean) and all my family and relatives; all whom I’ve prayed for, and all of mankind as the Lord wills.

Pray that the Lord would physically, mentally, and spiritually save, heal, strengthen, and restore us all; forgive us of all our sins; write our names in His Book of Life; grant to us all our prayers, needs, and desires of our hearts according to His good will; and deliver us from all evil and the Evil One. Amen, thank you.
2. Please pray for the Lord’s complete healing (even His supernatural / miraculous quick physical healing) and pain / anxiety relief for: me (Sean) and all my family and relatives, Marie G., Jackie and Rich L., Larry P., Walter O. and John, Doe S., Darlene V., John F. Jr., Judy A., Janice U., Toni K. and Cleda, Roger C. and Jack C., Kipp T., for all who belong to the Lord (THE BODY / CHURCH OF CHRIST), all whom I’ve prayed for, and all of mankind as the Lord wills. Amen, thank you.

– Sean, CA, USA

Pray for Film Funding!

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My name is DeAndre Williams and I am producing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area a film entitled, Good Christians which is a parody of the 2004 film Mean Girls and we are currently in the process of funding. With this film, I believe the Lord wants to reach those who have never opened a Bible, never heard the name of Jesus or even stepped inside of a church and present the Gospel to them in a way that’s understandable, accessible and easy for them to comprehend, wherever they are in the spiritual journey, and I also believe He wants to reach those who are already walking with Him and awaken them to the reality of what He all look like as a whole, a bunch of mean girls, tearing each other down, comparing ourselves to one another, worshiping men and women of God and powerful and influential ministries instead of making Jesus the focal point that He deserves to be. I believe that many with come to know Jesus through this film and come into the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ as He truly is. God bless!

Prayers For Film Project

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  • We’re refining the overall edit of the film now so that we can lock picture and send it out for music scoring. Please pray that all the loose bits tighten up and fall together smoothly. And that the color correcting would go smoothly.
  • Please pray for scene 11 (where the prodigal son is out of money and pawns off a family heirloom ring in exchange to sleep in a shed from a cantankerous old Russian woman) and scene 17 (the tea stall where the father hears that his son may be returning from Russia) – we just received translation of these scenes so we can complete cutting them together.
  • Please pray for our son Josh who is scoring the cinematic music for portions of the film. We just sent him the “coming home” section.
  • Please pray for Matt and Jeff as they find someone in Central Asia to score the cultural music for the rest of the film. The goal is to premiere the film during EMDC this April.
  • We’re juggling this project between a God-Story documentary from Romania for GEM that needs to be completed by the end of January. Pray that we can work fast. : )
  • -James

Prayers for our Nation, City & the World

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Please pray for the Lord’s grace / mercy / love, full household salvation, truth and light, help, complete healing and good health (even His quick physical healing), good quality / enjoyment of life, justice / righteousness / equity, the unity of the Holy Spirit, blessings and provision, peace / rest / joy / strength / comfort, safety and protection, freedom and liberty, and all that’s good from God for all of:


Israel, Jerusalem, the USA (Washington DC), California (Silicon     Valley, CA and Los Angeles County – including Hollywood and Los     Angeles), the entire World-Wide Entertainment Industry in fullness,     the City and State of New York, The Hollywood Prayer Network,     Act One Inc. (The Act One Program), all of the Lord’s churches /     groups / gatherings / organizations / ministries world-wide, the     Body / Church of Christ (all who belong to the Lord), and me (Sean) and all my family / relatives / loved ones in fullness and all who are with us.
— Pray that the Lord would physically, mentally, and spiritually heal and restore us all; write our names in His Book of Life; grant to us all our prayers, needs, and desires of our hearts according to His good will; deliver us from all oppression, captivity, pain, confusion, poverty and sickness / illnesses, violence, distress, depression, fear, anxiety, all evil, and the Evil One. Amen. Thank you.
P.S. – Please pray for the Lord’s quick physical healing for me (Sean) – thanks.”
-Sean in CA, USA