Global Local Chapter Directors

Spain, Madrid – Hector and Lilli Ramirez

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Hector Ramirez is artistic director and founder of the Performing Arts Centre in Madrid, Spain he and his wife Lilli are founders of the Ars Vitalis Foundation. Hector has been an actor, theatre director and producer, and writer of the musical, Animal Talk. Some of the shows he has produced and directed are Othello, The Great Theatre of the World, EL Cántico Espiritual, an adaptation of Cats, el Culebron, and more. He has worked as floor manager for TV shows in Canada and in Italy.
The chapter encourages God’s gift of creativity in the lives of others, by engaging the non-Christians in conversation on the relevant issues of life in providing a platform for discussion in a postmodern, post-Christian society, through the arts and culture. Prayer, interaction, teaching and information are necessary tools to open the way for meaningful conversations on the relevance of the gospel.

Canada, Ontario, Toronto – Audra Gray

By Global Local Chapter Directors

As an emerging producer, writer and actor, a member of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA), and Canadian Actors’ Equity Association (CAEA), Audra is immersed in the entertainment industry and perfectly suited as Toronto’s HPN Chapter director. Her hope is that HPN GTA can be a hub to connect, as well to pray for people in the arts and entertainment sector. She has taken the time to seek out different artistic groups to get a sense of what’s happening in the Toronto area and is taking that opportunity to pray for the local arts and entertainment industry and the people involved as she meets many one on one. Visit her chapter’s facebook page here.

Missouri, Branson – Deborah Watson

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Deborah Watson is the founder and director of the Branson International Film Festival and for Studio 2.22 film productions in Branson, Mo. After being an HPN prayer partner for ten years, Deborah felt led to help mobilize others through the Branson International Film Festival and social media prayer teams with her connections in St. Louis as well as other areas in the state. 

As director of BIFF, Deborah prays with and for those in attendance. She also empowers people to pray for industry professionals and connects with area churches who have a heart for the industry. In 2021, her objective is to connect people with the Hollywood Prayer Network by hosting a chapter summit before the film festival.

Norway, Oslo – Frank Jakob Eik

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Well-rounded in the entertainment industry to include TV, short movies, camera, sound, and everything technical, Frank Jakob has in depth experience with the industry in Norway.  

While his chapter has had challenges because of current virus restrictions, prayer never has challenges. The chapter’s prayers seek God’s will in giving His people opportunities throughout the industry. Deeply caring for his members and others, he encourages the people he meets to join the cause. He is looking forward to his next projects which will be two art exhibitions: one on poverty and the other about his childhood.

Uganda, Kampala – Joshua Balikoowa

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Chapter director Joshua Balikoowa wants his group to pray for a change in people’s perception of God, particularly in this multi-cultural and collective thinking society. His goal is to support individualistic thinking patterns for members of the entertainment industry. 

As a bible teacher, author, screenwriter and film producer Joshua’s strategy is to meet artists and share with them the HPN vision.  Recently, he had the opportunity to meet 500 artists with an interest in promoting the gospel through art.

“I was blessed to speak to folks in the meeting and told them that if we pray, the Lord will heal our land from all the ignorance of the past generation,” Balikoowa said. “I could sense the spark that had started to ignite revival in the lives of these passionate creators.”

Arizona, Phoenix – Nate Sams

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Church planter, graphic designer, husband, father, and pastor. Nate Sams has had the blessing of meeting so many types of people in his diverse and creative life journey. He encourages prayer not only for media professionals and artists, but also for chapter members to seek advice and encouragement from one another. He has seen firsthand the way God works to provide.

South Carolina, Columbia – Ashley Card

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

As owner, teacher, director, choreographer of Aletheia, a dance & acting organization, Ashley Card is intimately knowledgeable of the entertainment industry.  Her marketing and production agency, Marketing Truth, LLC expands her knowledge base of challenges and victories. 

As chapter director, she acknowledges that the city is, “hard ground in the area of religiosity.” She says, “There is a division between the church and the arts as there is a fear.”  Thus, her businesses have been pioneers in bringing the two segments toget

her by providing high-quality faith-based arts ministries enabling outreach to schools, homes, hospitals, and shelters. 

Her strategy in raising visibility for HPN is reaching out to the local Christian college, holding monthly prayer meetings, recruiting members, and she looks forward to workshops and prayer walks.

Germany, Hamburg – Raquel Schwaerzler

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Raquel Schwaerzler is a visual artist and art director at CBN in Hamburg, Germany. She is passionate to see creatives in all spheres of influence and use their gifts and talents to “reveal the Fathers Heart through Arts and Media”. Raquel is connected to the local house of prayer, where she tries to make more people aware of why it is important to pray for the entertainment industry. She hopes some might change their personal views of the business and its entertainers as they unite together with a like mind to pray for others. She has also started her studies in Art Therapy / Pedagogy and believes art can be a tool to improve mental health and to connect to God.




Australia, Perth – Lazlo Bak

By Global Local Chapter Directors

The chapter has been busy. They started doing the devotional found on HPN, God’s Heart for Hollywood. Lazlo Bak stated that the group is also praying for the different needs in the entertainment industry, as well as support for the Christians in Hollywood. One of the group members has a heart to pray for Tom Hanks.  As Lazlo humbly expresses, “We are really feeling the presence of God.”

Canada, Alberta – Peggy Buzzard

By Global Local Chapter Directors

“My current focus is to share Jesus’ love by living an available life.”  Peggy states a simple, yet profound statement of accessibility. Her intent is to educate people by living her life as an example of discipleship and love. She intimately knows the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and worker.

In encouraging people through prayer, she seeks to uplift Hollywood, local theatre and studio establishments by highlighting the importance of positivity, rather than gossip, connection rather than disconnection, and inspiration rather than discouragement. 

Her involvement in the arts community, sharing Hollywood Prayer Network with churches, and reaching out to a Calgary film studio has allowed her to pray and walk with many in the industry who need spiritual connection and vitality.