Global Local Chapter Directors

Phoenix, AZ – Nate Sams

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Church planter, graphic designer, husband, father, and pastor. Nate Sams has had the blessing of meeting so many types of people in his diverse and creative life journey. Through his once a month chapter meeting he encourages prayer not only for media professionals and artists, but also for chapter members to seek advice and encouragement from one another. He has seen firsthand the way God works to provide.

Columbia, SC – Ashley Card

By Global Local Chapter Directors

As owner, teacher, director, choreographer of Aletheia, a dance & acting organization, Ashley Card is intimately knowledgeable of the entertainment industry.  Her marketing and production agency, Marketing Truth, LLC expands her knowledge base of challenges and victories. 

As chapter director, she acknowledges that the city is, “hard ground in the area of religiosity.” She says, “There is a division between the church and the arts as there is a fear.”  Thus, her businesses have been pioneers in bringing the two segments together by providing high-quality faith-based arts ministries enabling outreach to schools, homes, hospitals, and shelters. 

Her strategy in raising visibility for HPN is reaching out to the local Christian college, holding monthly prayer meetings, recruiting members, and she looks forward to workshops and prayer walks.

Hamburg, Germany – Raquel Schwaerzler

By Global Local Chapter Directors

This chapter concentrates mainly on intercession for the Arts and Entertainment Industry and industry professionals. Raquel Schwaerzler leads the chapter in their dynamic approach to see the “Father’s heart revealed through the Arts and Media.”  Raquel is connected to the local house of prayer, where she tries to make more people aware of why it is important to pray for the entertainment industry. She hopes some might change their personal views of the business and its entertainers as they unite together with a like mind to pray for others.

Perth, Australia – Lazlo Bak

By Global Local Chapter Directors

The chapter has been busy. They started doing the devotional found on HPN, God’s Heart for Hollywood. Lazlo Bak stated that the group is also praying for the different needs in the entertainment industry, as well as support for the Christians in Hollywood. One of the group members has a heart to pray for Tom Hanks.  As Lazlo humbly expresses, “We are really feeling the presence of God.”

Alberta, Canada – Peggy Buzzard

By Global Local Chapter Directors

“My current focus is to share Jesus’ love by living an available life.”  Peggy states a simple, yet profound statement of accessibility. Her intent is to educate people by living her life as an example of discipleship and love. She intimately knows the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and worker.

In encouraging people through prayer, she seeks to uplift Hollywood, local theatre and studio establishments by highlighting the importance of positivity, rather than gossip, connection rather than disconnection, and inspiration rather than discouragement. 

Her involvement in the arts community, sharing Hollywood Prayer Network with churches, and reaching out to a Calgary film studio has allowed her to pray and walk with many in the industry who need spiritual connection and vitality.

West Des Moines, Iowa – David Gaumer

By Global Local Chapter Directors

 At a very young age, David developed a passion for theatre and movie production. This led him to become involved in theatre in high school, and eventually graduate college with a B.A. in theatre.

These days, David spends most of his time in the world of finance, but his love of the entertainment industry and his deep-rooted love of Christ gives him a special ministry of letter-writing. He has written to a number of high-profile actors and has stated that there are plenty of actors and entertainers in Iowa. His goal as a Chapter Director is to “Get the word out around here as much as possible by getting the [HPN Call Sheets] out to people.” He is continually inspired by Isaiah 41:10: “Fear not because the Lord is with you.” – and this quote from Kevin Costner from the Untouchables: “Never stop fighting ‘till the fight is done!”

Omaha, Nebraska – Joshua Brunken

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Joshua Brunken is the Chapter Director for Omaha, Nebraska. He is a multi-talented film and theatre actor and polyglot (he’s fluent in Finnish, Spanish, Turkish and Danish!) Joshua’s chapter’s emphasis is on building bridges with churches and the local acting community. This is a calling that enables him to use his experience in the entertainment industry to help churches establish impactful prayer media ministries. 

In this capacity, he is able to reach out to established churches, as well as offer prayer and support to actors and comedians at events like Comic Con. He has put on the armor of God, offering fellowship to others through his devotion to the Lord.

Oakhurst, CA – Dr. Candi MacAlpine

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Dr. Candi MacAlpine is an apostolic team leader, minister and California native, with a Ph.D. from Wagner Leadership Institute. She and her husband Don have been married for 55 years, and they have two daughters and five grandchildren. Steeped in the power of prayer, she has “led prayer journeys across the earth for 20 years.” She is a member of the United States National Prayer Council and the California core team Awaken the Dawn. Additionally, she has authored four books. 

In her sphere of influence and travels, she looks for opportunities to share about HPN with believers in the entertainment industry. Her strength is in leading by example with a commitment to the HPN team and its vision. You can learn more about Candi here:

Fresno, CA – Marta Escarcega

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Marta Escarcega has been married to her husband, Arnold, for 37 years. Together they have four children, two grandchildren, three white German Shepherds, and four alpacas. In the past she was an educator at elementary and college levels. Now she is the owner of A & M Ranch as well as Escarcega Enterprise. 

Marta has a heart for the entertainment industry in part because her daughter works in entertainment in New York. Marta and her chapter do prayer walks and host faith-based red carpet events at screenings in Fresno, where they have seen many come to Christ.