Global Local Chapter Directors

Austin, Texas – Lynette Lewis

By Global Local Chapter Directors

While some churches Lynette Lewis reached out to were interested in networking, praying was side-lined. She shares a disappointment she encountered, “Three pastors who thought praying specifically for Hollywood was not good for various reasons.” 

Her experience highlights a reality some of the chapters face in engaging people to pray specifically for the entertainment industry. We must, as Hollywood Prayer Network not only pray for the industry, but for the prayer warriors who are interceding on the industry’s behalf.  She concludes with, “Prayer has been so important in my life and the life of my family that even if there was no HPN we would be praying for such an important mission field!”

Dubuque, Iowa – Jason Jahr

By Global Local Chapter Directors

“The focus of this chapter is always on Christ: His Blood, His Word, His Testimony, and His Prevailing Will,” writes Jason Jahr. He explains his responsibilities are to uphold His Word and to show love and faith in his actions, to walk in His Word and not just speak it. He sees God guiding him and protecting him. He suggests, “I wholly recommend that you pray Psalm 91 over your loved ones, that the Blood of Christ will shield them from all evil, danger, and sickness. I pray this Psalm regularly and do attest to its effectiveness provided that I live out His commandments and show my faith by my deeds.”

Baltimore, MD – Doug Maddox

By Global Local Chapter Directors

“I reach out to my network and tell them about HPN and then pray with them. I then send them the latest newsletter. When we have production meetings, we offer prayer for everyone.” Doug says that each time he does this, there is a positive reception for prayer. Prayer, indeed, is powerful.

Lynchburg, VA – Angela Dudley

By Global Local Chapter Directors

The Lynchburg, Virginia Chapter is a small group that meets weekly for a bible study. They have a few members that are actors or writers or in some way, and have an interest in the film industry and have individually prayed for certain people and projects over the years. They generally focus on the filmmakers of a specific faith project like The Chosen or The Resurrection as well as ongoing individual people the members have been led to intercede for.  They don’t currently reach out but as they work with or meet people with the same call to intercession these people are invited to join the group.  Angela Dudley, chapter director says, because of Covid, she relies on sharing emails from HPN, leading prayer and answering emails.

Grand Haven, MI – Kristen Collier

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Kristen is a working industry professional: she’s a Roku developer and co-founder of Creative Motion Network, a free, cutting-edge indie Christian Roku channel that she built with her husband to help independent creatives get more exposure. She is also co-founder and animator of Collier Animation Studio, and and she just begun freelancing for a Christian news outlet to spotlight Christian creatives who do their work with excellence. In this season, she is seeing God moving among Christian projects, so that Christian media is reaching a higher caliber than before. Kristen has seen God use the pandemic to level the playing field, enabling independent animation studios to compete with major studios: “It really is a whole new game,” Kristen says.

Gig Harbor, WA – Lena Sandell

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Because Lena Sandell is new to the position of chapter director, she says that her initial plan is to contact other local chapter directors and ask them for ideas. But in the meantime, one project she is working on is visiting local movie theaters and praying over them. We are looking forward to Lena’s work in blessing Hollywood through prayer and encouragement!

New York, NY – Lance Schaubert

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Lance Schaubert is a New York City writer and producer. Look for his debut novel, Bell Hammers, which speaks of serious issues in a funny way. He states that his chapter members are “artist chaplains.” He says they are, “In the city operating something like prison chaplains or military chaplains. It’s my goal to help people make what they’re called to make, and offer spiritual direction and guidance, with unconditional respect, love, and confidence.”

Charlotte, NC – Victor Marshall

By Global Local Chapter Directors

Victor Marshall is the founder, owner and executive producer of The Glory Network. He has radio and television broadcasts weekly and produces and hosts Hollywood Prayer Network that airs every Friday. In his show, guests take turns praying for those in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. He works with ministries locally, nationally, and internationally.

Salem, OR – Suez Smith

By Global Local Chapter Directors

“Our prayer team is small but mighty!”  Exclaims Suez Smith, chapter director for Salem, Oregon. They usually meet at The Broadway Commons in Salem, Oregon the 2nd Saturday of the month, but due to the Covid virus lock-down, they text. Prayerful text works too!
She reaches out on Facebook the week before the prayer time, and asks people to submit their prayer request for Hollywood.  She says, “It is amazing how so many people are starting to ‘get it’ when it comes to prayer for Hollywood.  I have received MANY responses, from people I really didn’t think would respond.  The prayer seems to close the gap between each of us.” Her Facebook pages are Hearts for Hollywood and Hollywood Prayer Network, Salem, Oregon, and you can visit her website at

Wisconsin – Edward Dennis Edge

By Global Local Chapter Directors

The chapter focus for Christian Artists Network is to empower the Christian artists through ministry, prayer, and fellowship and to provide instruction in the artist’s vocation, both as a performer and as a Christian. The chapter’s mission is to hold “one another accountable to our Christian principles while still maintaining our individuality and personal artistic expressions and style”.

As chapter director, Edward Edge’s responsibility is to maintain the mission of CAN by screening membership and providing tools and information that enhances each Levite’s journey. The chapter’s outreach strategy can be viewed on their Facebook page: Edward also receives prayer requests and provides information and direction to Levites that move into the chapter’s area.

He shares a story of having the honor of mentoring a Christian Artist as part of her master’s program at the University Bible Fellowship. God uses his children in many ways.