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Good Friday Back Yard Prayer & Worship Night

By Past Events

On Good Friday 2021, 30 of us gathered for our first in-person event in over a year- a Back Yard Prayer & Worship night at the Covell’s. From 7pm to 9pm we had a beautiful time of acoustic worship and prayer led by Tim and Kelry Kirschenmann. Worship was contemplative and spirit-led, with times of individual and breakout group prayer, as well as a beautiful time of communion.

BE STILL… Soul Care for Creatives

By Past Events

March 27th 2021 - Soul Care for Creatives

On March 27th, 30 participants and 3 HPN staff members participated in a beautiful and refreshing time of “Soul Care” led by HPN friend and Soul Coach Yolanda Miller.  Yolanda led the group through a series of exercises designed to still and quiet the soul, while allowing us to focus on Scripture, and God the Father’s great love for us. We will be having more of these events in the future, so stay tuned!

“Cabin Fever” Table Topics Game Night

By Past Events

HPN hosted a “Cabin Fever” Table Topics Game Night on March 19th, 2021. This was a fun night with over 40 participants! We broke our attendees up into breakout rooms of 10 attendees each, and both asked and answered Table Topics questions. The questions were both fun and faith-focused in nature, and new friendships were formed, and fellowship was genuine and relaxed!

Kentucky, Lexington – Catherine Gaffney

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Catherine has spent her entire adult life integrating her faith and her art. From early days with City Lights Theatre Company in San Francisco, to Taproot Theatre in Seattle (where she met her writer husband, Sean), to BADD (Bel Air Drama Dept) in LA, to getting her MFA in Acting/Directing at Regent University and now teaching acting at Asbury University – she has seen the power that stories can have for audiences in all walks of life. Catherine and Sean (Screenwriting Professor at Asbury University) enjoy helping artists of faith connect.”It’s such a joy to share our journeys with each other,” Catherine says.




South Carolina, Aiken – Carol Bond

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Carol is a homeschool mother,  so much of her time is spent with her youngest daughter. She also has three adult daughters. Carol and her husband are very active in their church, and they volunteer in a variety of ways. The first time Carol felt led to pray for someone in the entertainment industry was many years ago when God placed Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston on her heart. Prior to that, Carol had unknowingly begun getting a bad attitude about Hollywood. When she found HPN, God began to convict her of that bad attitude, she says. Since then she has felt led to commit to praying for the entertainment industry and becoming a Chapter Director.

Florida, Nokomis – Mark Bitner

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Mark “The Shark” Bitner’s ministry is intentionally relational. His group is ALWAYS about the “One,” Jesus Christ. “I have always had a heart for those in all forms of entertainment, especially those in Hollywood,” Mark says. “I have been praying for several young actors for over 20 years. Although I have my eyes on the A-listers the Lord spoke to my heart to reach out for those in the faith-based industry OR those in the industry in general who are believers. I simply reached out and asked if I could pray for them. Many of the connections have gone from praying for production needs to family needs and beyond. Some of these connections have become friendships.”
Mark continues to pray and points out that his goals are to be on set and minister there. He had the privilege of ministering on set of the TV series “The Chosen” and ministered to both believers and non-believers.

California, Madera County – Cassandra Hepburn

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Cassandra Hepburn is a former model turned actress who had, as she describes, a “road to Damascus” moment in her life, when God stopped her from driving off a cliff and invited her to search for Him, and in Him, her life’s purpose. She later started pursuing Jesus and received a prophecy that her next phase of life would be even grander than her previous life in the spotlight. She now lives in Madera County and works as a youth pastor, where she is excited about teaching youth to look for spiritual themes in films. She is also a ministry leader with CMC International, having been on 25 mission trips to 20 different countries. Cassandra is still active in the entertainment industry as an actress, and she takes every opportunity on set to pray over the production and minister to people. As an HPN chapter director, she is excited to plan virtual events for local members as well as HPN members around the world.

Norway, Aalesund – Ole-André Rønneberg

By Global Local Chapter Directors

In addition to being a family man and a filmmaker, Ole-André runs a production company called Gullskrinet, which focuses on telling stories that can give hope to people and point them to God.

As a dedicated prayer intercessor, he intercedes for productions and wants people to feel God’s love on set. He engages people from the Church, helps distribute the HPN Call Sheets, and holds prayer events.

Ole-André demonstrates his love through helping and supporting people, and after experiencing certain events, it has become clear to him that “I was not there for myself, but for the others… And I can only say praise God. He is there with us, and he is making a change in the atmosphere when we commit to Him.”