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The actors group, StageLight, had their first outing this month. A group of 15 showed up for the summer event Jazz at the LACMA. These were the only pictures snapped, but a big thanks to everyone else that came out! StageLight meets the last Tuesday of the month for a night of prayer and fellowship and every 2 months they go out to do something fun and artistic together in the city!

Inbetweeners Animation Group

By Past Events

The June 20th Inbetweeners meeting was a success! 8 people showed up and had a good time enjoying fellowship, food, prayer, and a creative demo shared by group leader, Sam Vest.  He also spent time showing everyone a powerful new tool called “image blending” using Midjourney AI.  Praise God for this powerful new tool. The next meeting  will be held on the third Tuesday of every month.  For more information, email Inbetweeners Animation Group

New Mexico, Las Cruces – Tessa Kennedy

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Tessa Valadez Kennedy was born and raised in the Southwest and lives in Las Cruces, NM working at the university. She has always had a heart for storytelling, especially through film, and has often been compelled to pray for those in the entertainment industry. New Mexico’s recent partnerships with film industry leaders have led Tessa to a greater desire to draw in, and lean into, a community of believers within the entertainment industry in New Mexico, and strengthen the weary hands that hang down.




HPN Monthly Meetup

By Past Events

Karen and Kelry hosted the monthly meetup on June 8th in the library of FPCH.  A group of creatives, some who were new to the HPN community attended.  There was a time of sharing, encouragement, networking and prayer!  If you would like to join us at our next meetup, please email

Tennessee, Dollywood – Gorman Woodfin

By Global Local Chapter Directors, USA Chapter Directors

Gorman’s varied production career started as an Associate Producer on two national award shows: The Dove Awards (Nashville) and the A.C.E. Awards (American Cable Excellence Awards, Las Vegas). He hosted his own shopping show on America’s Shopping Channel on Cox Cable for two years. For about 25 years, he was a producer, writer and talent for CBN television. For 14 of those years he was a Celebrity Correspondent for CBN. Some of his interviews included Hugh Jackman, Emma Stone, Morgan Freeman, Bryce Dallas Howard, Peter Jackson and many more.





Measure for Measure

By Past Events

On Saturday, June 3, Measure For Measure met again and had an incredible conversation between Music Manager, Kristin Gregory and one of her key clients, singer/songwriter Taylor Hill.  40 HPN music professionals gathered in a festive lunch and fellowship time and God moved through the conversation and the connections.  It was a joyous afternoon with incredible music professionals who love Jesus!

One Song

By Past Events

OneSong held their 2nd event on Wednesday, May 31st.  Fourteen people came and  10 songs shared – 4 live from a guitar or piano w/ vocal mic set up and the rest as professional audio recordings. Genres consisted of EDM, Gospel, Rock, Pop, Worship and Alternative.  The talent level was really high and it was really encouraging to hear so many different genres of music being represented!!  If you would like to join the next OneSong gathering, please email,



By Past Events

Twenty-Five actors met at StageLight. They had a beautiful night, sharing sushi under the stars, and discussing the importance of encouragement, where they have felt it most in their life as an actor, the importance of encouragement, and how we can always turn to God for encouragement. At the end of the night they had a little special surprise for Karen, the founder of HPN, where they all sang happy birthday and shared cake.

Mexico, Nuevo León, Guadalupe – Ana Escalante

By Global Local Chapter Directors
We’re thrilled to finally launch an HPN Mexico chapter! Ana Escalante grew up acting quite a bit in her hometown Monterrey, but stopped altogether when she began college to focus on her business degree. She had a promising career in marketing and brand management working for a huge FMCG company until the end of 2022 when she felt God calling her to return to her love of acting and film. She recently spent 3 months in LA and is set to begin her MFA in acting in CalArts in the fall of 2023. She is very excited about what God will do in this new season of life and through her in the industry.
As a firm believer with strong involvement in her local church in the kids, worship and small group ministries, she is convinced that God has called us to use our talents for His glory, to shine His light wherever we are at, and to love people (Romans 11:36, Colossians 3:17, Matthew 5:16, John 13:34).
Her chapter’s goal is to serve as a local contact and to bring anyone with a passion for the industry together in prayer so that we may be the hands and feet of Jesus in everything we do and wherever we may be (Mexico, Hollywood or the ends of the earth).

Upside Down Comedy Mash-Up!

By Past Events

HPN’s very own Comedy Group, Upside Down Comedy, held their first Comedy Mash-up!  This was a night of Non-stop LAUGHTER and simply so much fun for the entire family!  This ONE of a Kind Clean Comedy Mash-up was attended by over 80 guest!   This night included storytelling through the art of improvisation and sketches, and included hilarious stand-up by Host, Robert G. Lee.   What an amazing time!  Stay tuned for the next Upside Comedy event this summer!